Photo Essay March 2015: Potter’s Cay Dock, Bahamian mailboats at work and rest, incl. police golfcart

Photos taken in late March 2015 by Eric Wiberg while walking Potter’s Cay. Anyone is welcome to do so and to please submit images to the blog for posting! Every day has different mailboats….. This was mostly on Friday 27th March. The author had never seen a mailboat being fumigated, but that was what was happening to the bow of the M/V Grand Master that day… tarps over the bow…..
Note: I would like to thank my brother, Capt. John Wiberg, for utilizing his boat the “Shoal Shaker” to maneuver in to take many of these photos, particularly of the M/V Lady Frances which seemed to be virtually wedged into the berth a a bevy of local fishing craft serving the Potter’s Cay stalls.  (See Photo # 20 below). I’ve ridden on the Lady Frances to Black Point, Exuma, San Salvador and Rum Cay and saw first-hand how her skipper squeezed his sizable vessel between mega-yachts at an adjacent marina and his fellow mailboats late in the evening (diners on the yachts were surprised to see us!). 

Bow view of M/V Mia Dean of Sandy Point Abaco
Precious cargo: a police golf cart awaiting consignment to one of the family islands. Note the red flashing light fitted to the roof. 
The Ro/Ro vessel M/V New G. which is new to this study and will be reported on later. Bow ramp down, loading or discharging cargo at the western end of Potter’s Cay Dock.

Bow view of the M/V Bahamas Daybreak III, Lady Mathilda in front.

Cargo operations (unloading?) of the Island Link on a Friday afternoon.

Bunkering, or refueling the M/V Lady Emerald dockside from truck on eastern end of Potter’s Cay.

 Bow detail of the M/V Lady Emerald, a war horse, off on another voyage to San Salvador.

A passenger eager to get home to San Salvador (center) with two sailors from the US.

The M/V Grand Master undergoing fumigation against insects, roaches, rodents, etc. 

M/V Jasmine, a Haitian trading vessel at the north side of Potter’s Cay, between the bridges and behind the shed, where numerous wrecks, old fishing vessels, and Haitian traders are docked.
M/V Captain Gurth Dean.

M/V Captain Moxey with M/V Sherice M. ahead and M/V Lady Frances astern.

M/V Sherice M. at dock. 

Right to left are M/V Bahamas Daybreak III, M/V Lady Mathilda, and M/V Captain Gurth Dean.

M/V East Wind, a Ro/Ro vessel in the fleet of Bahamas Ferries (on her bridge is the logo for Bahamas Ferries).

M/V Fiesta Mail, M/V KCT, and M/V East Wind (left to right)

M/V Fiesta Mail, owned by the Taylor family, serving Grand Bahama and Fort Lauderdale/Port Everglades.

Bow view of the catamaran M/V Island Link.

M/V Island Link port side view, eastern end of Potter’s Cay.

M/V Island Link, starboard side view.
Lady D. still in her death throes, clogging up waterfront space while folks try to salvage her 9 months after her July 2014 flooding.

M/V Lady Frances surrounded by local fishing and utility craft, with crane ready for working cargo. She serves Exuma and the author rode aboard her when the color scheme was black. 

M/V Lady Mathilda making her way from the southern Bahamas back to home port.

M/V Mia Dean with some of her smaller fishing sisters from Sandy Point, Abaco.

M/V Nay Dean alongside M/V Lady Mathilda and a fishing vessel. Nay Dean comes from Abaco.

M/V New G with ramp down waiting to transact cargo, western end of Potter’s Cay.

M/V Sea Spirit II which used to be Capt. Thomas Hanna’s M/V United Spirit.

M/V Trans Cargo II detail of bow and cargo ramp.

M/V Trans Cargo II another detail of her cargo ramp.