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+ Six Albums = 44


Warplanes Lost and Found in the Bahamas (2023). How finding a World War II bomber off the beach of his family business pivoted the life of a middle-age divorcee, enabling him to convince eight friends to loan their boats and expertise, culminating in a month-long voyage through Bahamas in 2023 in which six aircraft (total of ten) were found in just three weeks. ISBNs: Island Books, US, 978735632414, paperback, e-book. (pending)

Mailboats of the Bahamas: 350 Vessels in 200 Years (Apr. 2021): Comprehensive coverage of a polyglot fleet extends to the early 1800s. The author abandoned the usual “boat” research in favor of philately; the study of “mail.” This produced some 350 vessels and increased net understanding of this archipelagic network by over 100 ships and over 70 years. How local entrepreneurs and cooperatives on poorer islands bonded together for centuries to make, purchase and man their own vessels. Mailboats become the tortoise to the aircraft’s hare – never able to be replaced, at time unreliable yet at others indispensable. Using doctoral thesis, military records and modern social studies, this highly illustrated book pries into the impact on mailboats empowering locals, women, and both affirming and disregarding racial strictures ashore. The story about the participants many others have overlooked: the folks who built, manned, financed, and operated mailboats so that others may safely make it to the capital: sinews, synapses of the archipelago. ISBNs: Island Books, US, 9780984399895, 201619390, 350 pages, 80,000 words, hardback, 9780998375908, e-book.

Round The World in The Wrong Season (2010/2023): A coming-of-age story, just out of college, commands a leaking 68-foot wooden yacht with five persons from Bahamas, Canada, Sweden, New Zealand, and Australia to New Zealand. After 5.5 months the owner dies. Recent graduate, 23, follows college girlfriend to Thailand where she is a volunteer teacher on the Myanmar border, just in time to meet her Thai boyfriend. Institutionalized on return to Sweden. Less nice, per former girlfriend: Rich American follows loins crossing the Pacific while feeling sorry for himself. ISBNs: Island Books, 9780984399826, 2009914041, 47p., 159,356w, pb, 9780998375984, e-bk. 3rd Ed.

Bahamas in WWII: A Military Chronology, 1939-1945 (Jun. 2020): First-ever chronology of World War II in the western hemisphere; declaring the fight for Allied survival in a little known million-mile area with over two million participants. Had they failed; Britain would have run out of oil in mid-1942. Includes incredibly ambitious data delivery, all around a 350-page diary incorporating all diaries of Germans, Italians, British, US, and others. Every day, name of every dead, 5,000 trainees, 3,000 VIPs, 20,000 convoys, 4,000 ship names, 2,000 planes delivered, 150 bases, 25 units in Bahamas, the Windsors, planes, convoys, escorts, and U-Boat attack. Each entry informs the reader of all activities in the sky, on the surface, and below the sea, and how they interact. Over 50 B&W photographs, 25 original charts by a National Geographic veteran, many detailed appendices of wrecks, attacks, over 1,000 sightings of Allies by Germans and Italians so for the first times readers can very easily connect the dots and see which reporting sighting was valid and which not. ISBNs: Island Books, US, 9780998375939, 2017951460, hardback, and 9780998375946, e-book.

U-Boats in New England: Submarine Patrols, Survivors and Saboteurs 1942-45 (Nov. 2019): Why the US doesn’t want us knowing that U-boats dropped spies in three places, including New York, Maine, and Bay of Fundy, and a U-boat was grounded at Amagansett for hours but got away, and a Coast Guardsman took a bribe to let the Nazi’s pass and was given a medal, how Germans who surrendered were beaten so badly the commander killed himself on the common jail of Boston (now a hotel) and is buried where Madoff, Weiner, and the Boston Bombers stayed, at Ford Devens. Details 94 submarines attacking New England in WWII. Three groups of spies were inserted in Maine, the Hamptons, and Bay of Fundy. Thirty-Eight Allied ships attacked, throwing 2,000 men into the sea, of whom 500 died in US Navy’s greatest defeat. ISBNs: Fonthill Media, UK, 9781781557204, 416 pages, hardcover, e-book.

U-Boats off Bermuda: Patrol Summaries and Merchant Ship Survivors Landed in Bermuda 1940-1944 (Aug. 2017): This led to the US Navy in Nov. 2019 reversing credit for the sinking of U-84 between Bermuda and Bahamas, correcting the Congressional Record, and having the author speak at the US Capital to see a Distinguished Flying Cross awarded. Front page, Providence Journal. History of 142 German submarines patrolling around Bermuda, sinking 80 Allied ships for the loss of two submarines. 1,224 Allied sailors, passengers landed Bermuda. Drama of rescues by planes landing on the sea, Ivy-league American Field Service volunteers teaching merchant mariners how to sail lifeboats to the mainland. ISBNs: Fonthill Media, UK, 9781781556061, 256 pgs, hard, e-book

U-Boats in the Bahamas (Jul. 2016): Essentially created a new World War II battlefield; before this book historians stuck to the safety of the coast, and since it was a defeat the US and UK were happy to keep it that way. First-telling of 112 German and Italian submarines who surrounded Bahamas in WWII, sinking 130 Allied ships. Details fates of 300+ Allied sailors, Duke & Duchess of Windsor, Red Cross, boat-racing heiress Marion Carstairs, locals who helped U-Boat victims. ISBNs: Brick Tower Press, US, 9781899694624, 380 pages, hardcover, e-book.

Swan Sinks: SS Cygnet Sunk by Italian Submarine Enrico Tazzoli (May 2020): The Greek ship Cygnet, named for the swans of Andros, Greece, was torpedoed in sight of San Salvador, Bahamas by and Italian submarine run with incredible success until the aristocratic commander rammed a victim and limped home, still popping up to spook Allied ships (he killed himself on his government’s betrayal). The family who owned the ship are discrete tycoons, the men missed sharing the boat to America with Sidney Poitier by hours, the author visited shipping offices in UK, Bahamas, Greece, and followed the stories of the merchant sailors who emigrated, from small islands in Greece which he visited. A small compelling human-interest story about Italians attacking the Americas. ISBNs Island Books, US, 9780984399888, 2017905764, 138 pages, 26,619 words, paperback, 9780999437803, e-book.

Boston Harbor, (Mar., 2020): Images of Boston’s workaday waterways, taken from sea level. A unique and new working-man’s view of how the ships, terminals, passenger boats a cargoes and tugs interplay on a daily basis to make Boston – and New England – work. On a summer day one company alone has over 500 dockings and sailings in the Boston area, which boast 3 rivers, over 30 islands, a major airport, and many neighborhoods, from the Cape and Salem, woven together by boats.  A captain with experience as a water-taxi operator (7 years), tankers (3), tugs (5, from shore), yachts (20), and a master’s in marine affairs and policy, the book is infused with surprising details; seals, dolphins, whales, birds. One ship captain lost it and went through the harbor backwards. Sub-zero, 4.30-am shifts in heavy snow. Documents the last days as Boston shut down. ISBNs: Island Books, US, 9780999437858, 2020900404, 178 pp, paper, 9780999437865, e-book.

Tanker Disasters: IMO’s Places of Refuge…, (Dec. 2010): This topic remains so popular and enduring in Europe (think: it covers their “Exxon Valdez”) that the author has been invited aboard two feature films (Spanish Freightened, and CapaTV earlier in 2020) to discuss it. Major oil spills, one of which toppled the Spanish government and cost billions and a decade or more of litigation. An academic master’s paper for URI’s well-known Masters of Marine Affairs program which Dr. Bob Ballard (Titanic, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute) has taught at. Paper was written while simultaneously obtaining a degree in maritime law and operating yachts offshore. ISBNs: Island Books, US, 9780984399802, 2009913861, 200 pp, pb, 9780998375977, e-book.

Drifting to the Duchess: SS Potlatch, U-153, Incredible Survival, Bahamas, WWII: US merchant ship Potlatch under Jack Lapoint sets off for India spewing thick smoke. German commander, son of a rural Vicar who sank another U-boat in training and was hospitalized, sinks them. Most survive. A Dutch lifeboat finds 50 men in a 26-foot boat but sails on. A month later gangrene from a shark bite kills one man. They land. No food, they are a mile outside the arc of the nearest lighthouse. Two islands later, day 30, an old black steward dies in his arms. Then a lighthouse beam hits them.  The crew range from a lawyer and future senator to Puerto Rican mess boys. Children find them splayed on an Acklins Island beach. A leaking schooner takes them, until the fastest woman on water, veteran of WWI: Marion ‘Joe’ Carstairs in Vergemere IV rescues 48. Bahamians bury the steward. Over 15 years the author met with survivors and has over 35 witness perspectives. Story is subject of The Queen of Whale Cay, a 2023 BBC documentary and two scripts. ISBNs: Island Books, US, 978-0-9983759-1-5, 2017913246, end-2020, 225 pages, 61,898 words, Paperback, 978-0-9983759-2-2 e-book. Drifting, script, with Paolo Pilladi ISBN: 9780999847923, 110 pp. (pending)

Tankers East of Suez (Dec. 2021): A memoir of three intense years’ operating old tanker ships from an office tower in Singapore where some of 21 ships in fleet would toot their horn when they passed our windows. Office team spoke over 10 languages, some wore sandals and many of us smoked, and scaffolding was still hand-made off bamboo and vines. Newcomers often stood on the toilet rim. Author voyaged on nine ships that went to North Korea, Africa, up South American rivers, and led to four deaths, from suicide, stabbing, explosion and heart attack; bodies kept in the food freezers. Mutinies and ship arrests, walruses and ice floes, bribes, kick-backs, paid honchos in Indonesia, crew fathering small villages. The best place to dump a body? Mozambique; because of civil war they are experts. Author helped save several stowaway’s lives. Their relation to each other? Same mother. Reason they left Sudan? Hope. ISBNs: 9780999437896; LOC PCN 2019908979, 978-0-9994378-8-9 250 pp., 57,401 w., pb. (pending)

Yacht Voyages (May 2021): Global adventures at sea on 125+ boats on several oceans in 70+ country and islands. Fire, sinking, abandon ship off Trinidad, leaking boat nursed from Galapagos to New Zealand, lost overboard in underwear in a snowstorm off Block Island, with captain gone no one knew how to turn on engine. Missing Bermuda, surviving 3 weeks of starvation, 2 knife attacks, water brackish, no use of head. 75,000 nautical miles is enough to go around the entire planet at the equator 3 times. The only gap in covering the globe on the surface after 4 such trips, is between Visakhapatnam, east coast India, and Mombasa – or St. Petersburg – Russia; basically, the Indian Ocean. ISBN Island Books, 0999847910, ISBN-13: ‎978-0999847916, ASIN B0944BSSJQ, 392 pages. Travel Diaries (Aug. 2020): A young man’s perceptions of USSR, East Africa, Ireland, Scandinavia, Turkey, Europe, Australia. 200 pages, 20 maps, 20 photos. ISBN: Island Books, 0999437879

Surviving St. George’s (Jan. 2021): Details grooming, abuse by faculty at boarding school, ages 16-17, and 35 years of campaigning by the author, from the Rhode Island supreme court to the Bayonne New Jersey cops, to a successful effort to punish the school’s attorneys. Vanity Fair Ben Wallace story (Nate the Crusader), Boston Globe and others. See the “Murphy Report” for a full accounting. Choir tours, musical chairs when 4 boys on weekend of heavy drinking to NJ, or Boston would end with 3 beds but 4 boys, so the unlucky one had to….. All funded by the schools and under their nose. A Bayonne cop, when I told him the perpetrator was in their neighborhood but could no longer be prosecuted? His response, as his tattooed eyelids deliberately rose and fell: “Don’t worry. We know what to do. We got this.” Chilling, and yet I’m sure they do. Perps still out there.  ISBNs: 9780-999847909, LOC PCN: 2019909525, E-bk: 9780998375991, 153 pp., 133,408 w. (pending)

Published Books
2005- (18)

  1. Yacht Voyages: 125+ boats on several oceans in 70+ country and islands (2021)
  2. First Fifty in Fifty: Memoir to age 50, based on 1,000p collection of diaries, 9,000 photos (2021)
  3. Published Writing, 1976-2021: 100+ articles, prose, poems, journalism, travel, history (2021)
  4. Sea Stories: Best of the lot, from author’s experience and research, global mishaps, yarns (2020)
  5. Travel Diaries: 4 round-world travels, 70+ countries, islands, and 6 continents (2020)
  6. Scars: Brief study, explanation of wounds accrued, 18 specific episodes (2020)
  7. Boston Harbor: Images of Boston’s workaday waterways, taken from sea level. (2020)
  8. Bahamas in WWII: A Military Chronology: Every day, plane, convoy, escort, U-Boat attack (2020)
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  16. Round the World in the Wrong Season: Memoir of travel, sailing, heartbreak, adventure (2009)
  17. Juvenilia: Teen Books & Travel Writing: Four collections written boarding school, college (2010)
  18. Tanker Disasters: Master’s degree paper, places of refuge legislation for tankers, spills (2005)



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  2. History of the H. G. Christie Realty Firm’s First 100 Years, mostly written
  3. History of the Lyford Cay Foundation: Commissioned institutional book, reactivated
  4. History of Lyford Cay International School: Commissioned coffee-table book, written

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  1. Honoring 57-year-old Norwegian merchant sailor killed on O. A. Knudsen by U-128, Cross Harbor, Abaco, erected following the discovery of his grave in 2016 with granddaughters.
  2. Commemorating Duchess of Windsor, Wallis Simpson’ many exertions as head of Red Cross in Bahamas in WWII to welcome, care for, repatriate many Allied U-Boat victims, Nassau.

Research in Archives


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  2. National Museum of Bermuda; U-Boats off Bermuda
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  5. Henry L. Ferguson Museum, Fishers Island, NY; artefacts, research, Thelma Phoebe
  6. SUNY Maritime Museum & Library, NY, donated 500+ U-boat, WWII books