Photo Essay Bahamas Mailboats July 2014 Potter’s Cay Dock Nassau from the M/V Bo Hengy II


These photos were simply taken from the deck and dock during a voyage on the Bahamas Ferries Bo Hengy II from Potter’s Cay Dock, Nassau, to Dunmore Town, Harbour Island, Eleuthera, in July 2014. Some were taken from a private boat.

Bahamas Daybreak III at Government Dock, Harbour Island

They Daybreak back at Potter’s Cay

 The Lady D serving Andros, which sank a few days after this photo was taken.

 Above: Mia Dean from Sandy Point Abaco with smaller fishing vessels owned by the Deans alongside.

Left: Capt. Gurth Dean.

Above: Bo Hengy II at her dock on the southwest corner of Potter’s Cay.

Left: Capt. Gurth Dean.

M/V East Wind, a ro-ro vessel owned by Bahamas Ferries.

 Above: Fishing vessls F/V Little Kyle (blue hull) and F/V Wait and Sea

                                              Right: Grand Master

Left: Panorama of Potter’s Cay looking East. M/V Lady D. and an unknown former supply boat are in the foreground.

Right: The stern of Lady Rosalind II and the bow of Capt. Gurth Dean.

Left: M/V Island Link with stern ramp down, eastern end of Potter’s Cay.

Right: Ro/Ro vessel M/V KCT

Left: Fishing vessels at Potter’s Cay, one of them named Lady Ashley

Right: Lady Mathilda awaiting her next long-haul voyage to the southern Bahamas.

Left: Lady Rosalind II with her stern ramp halfway up.

Right: Another view of the Lady Rosalind II:

Left: M/V Legacy – I believe this is the same “Legacy II” which is presently for sale through Florida brokers S. Davoff USA, though unsure.

Right: Closer view of the Lady D. and unnamed OSV (offshore supply vessel).

Left: Legacy at work on the western end of Potter’s Cay Dock.