M/V Current Queen (ex-Spanish Rose 1st), ferried people, produce from The Current Eleuthera to Nassau 1977 to 1990s

MAILBOAT NAME: M/V Current Queen
PAST NAMES: M/V Spanish Rose 
DIMENSIONS: 64-foot long
BUILDER: not known, probably Spanish Wells boat builders
EARLY CAREER: not known
BAHAMAS CAREER: 1965-1977 served Spanish Wells/Nassau, 1977 onward served The Current Eleuthera and Nassau
CAPTAINS: not known
OWNERS: originally Gurney Elon and Stephen Pinder, after that not known

FATE: not known

An Eleutheran Profile, Mr. Gurney Elon Pinder, The Eleutheran, Sept/Oct 2013
“In 1965, after hurricane Betsy, we bought a 64 foot boat and called it the Spanish Rose [w. his brother Stephen Pinder], which was considered a large boat in those days.” They would use the vessel to transport produce and passengers to Nassau and bring general cargo back to the island.”

“We had the boat until 1977 when we soled it to people in the Current who renamed it the Current Queen.”