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Published Books 2005-2020 (13) Boston Harbor: Images of Boston’s workaday waterways, taken from sea level. (1.2020) Bahamas in WWII: A Military Chronology: Every day, plane, convoy, escort, U-Boat attack. (2.2020) Drifting to the Duchess/Script: Marion Carstairs’ rescue of 50 US sailors from Potlatch WWII. (2019) U-Boats in New England: Details 94 submarines attacking New England in […]

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For the first time, a book exposes an obscure theater of the Second World War in great detail and comprehensively, not just in terms of geography but also from the perspectives of both Allied and Axis participants. U-Boats off Bermuda provides details of specific U-Boat patrols and their commanders, as well as a general overview […]

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Danger lurked at every knot and fathom for sailors during World War II. German and Italian submarines stalked Allied ships, disrupting supply lines and troop transports. U-Boats in the Bahamas is a study of the naval conflicts in the waters around the Turks & Caicos and the Bahamas, where subs sank 130 Allied ships… Read […]

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When Gilbert Lamb found four castaways off St David’s in 1942, he had to help. The Canadian merchant marines were emaciated after rowing their lifeboat 400 miles; their schooner Helen Forsey sank after a German U-boat attack. After Mr Lamb guided the men to shore, they gifted him their lifeboat. The rescue is one of […]

SS Nemanja of Yugoslavia sunk by U-84/Uphoff off Nova Scotia 7 April 1942; 13 KIA

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Nemanja SS Nemanja under her previous name of Trojan Prince. Source: The steamship Nemanja was built in 1918 as the War Perch by Bertram and Sons of Sunderland, England. Ordered by the UK Shipping Controller for WWI, she had a colorful 24-year career with four names, including Trojan Prince for the Prince Line (Furness […]

MS Mattawin sunk by U-553/Thurmann off Nantucket, all 71 survived; taken to Newport, Cape Cod, Halifax

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MS Mattawin. Source: Andrey Nelogov, The 6,919-ton diesel-motored ship Mattawin was originally built as the Ediba at Harland and Wolff’s storied shipyard in Govan, Glasgow. Ediba is a rural hamlet northeast of Port Harcourt, Nigeria, and the ship’s owners, the Elder Dempster Lines Ltd. of Liverpool, traded to West Africa regularly and named many […]

SS Margot, sunk by U-588/Vogel, men given uncorked rum bottles on a string, rescued

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U-Boats New England: Margot SS Margot. Source: The Allen Collection, c/o The British steam ship Margot of 4,545 gross registered tons was built by Lithgows, Limited of Glasgow in December, 1926. Her owners in 1942 were Kaye, Son and Company Ltd. of London. During World War II she only sailed from New York Harbor […]

FV Lark, Boston fishing schooner, shelled by U-107/Simmermacher 13 July 1944 off NS Canada, all survived

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U-Boats New England: Lark The fishing schooner Lark in Boston Harbor following its attack, which made national news. Source: Author’s collection.               The fishing schooner Lark was built in 1922 in Newcastle, Maine. It was 148 tons and owned by F. J. O’Hara Brothers Company of Boston, Massachusetts. This was a famous family with a dynasty […]

SS Liverpool Packet sunk by U-432 under Heinz-Otto Schultze off Cape Sable NS 30 May 1942, 19 survived

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U-Boats New England: Liverpool Packet SS Liverpool Packet under her previous name, Sonia, owned by Warren, F. K. – hence the W. prominently displayed on the stack. Source: The steam cargo ship Liverpool Packet was built in 1926 as the Norwegian ship Nidarnes by the Swan, Hunter and Wigham Richardson Ltd. shipyard in Wallsend, […]