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A budget and a dream that became a passion

- by Eric Wiberg

Bomber on a budget. #That’s what I chose to name my pyric missions to find the metal and scraps of old World War II aircraft in our country. While it may seem glamorous, the main ways I find things is still basic: research the hell out of the topic in every database and archive you […]

Stranded US aviators rescued by Bahamian fishermen and a dream

- by Eric Wiberg

INAGUA has many aviation mysteries to parse; the East coast of this 650-square-mile-island has no roads or airstrip and is very rarely visited. Three American aviators who were without food for 17 days were rescued by fishermen in Little and taken to Great Inagua. Then there was a tragic engine fire and crash from which […]

WATCH: Searching for History in Cedar Swamp

- by Eric Wiberg

In June, HopNews published an article on a mid-air plane crash above Hopkinton that occurred in 1943, written by guest author Jim Nash. Mr. Nash described a terrible accident involving two P-43 Thunderbolt fighter planes that had been flying in formation and collided, resulting in the death of one of the pilots and the eventual […]

Confirming a Family Story: Able Seaman W.A. Hood

- by Eric Wiberg

  Information passed down through our friend Amber’s family was that Walter A. Hood was a merchant sailor who died after his ship was torpedoed in WWII. In fact, it was his son (and Amber’s great grandfather) Augustus William Hood—who went by William Augustus Hood or W.A. Hood— born 19 November 1900 in Belize, who […]

20 accidents at sea off New Providence

- by Eric Wiberg

NEW Providence saw over 20 World War II aircraft ditch, crash, and explode into its adjacent waters. Most of these were to the south of the island, east, and north, and depended on direction of the winds, which air field was used, and complex night-time exercises using extremely bright Leigh Lights, and flying in formation. […]

Marine Aviation Research

Marine Aviation Research Tracing the historical events of vessels, planes, and people. Eric Wiberg has been finding artifacts internationally since the 1970s. MAR, or Marine Aviation Research, enables clients to harness his expertise and doggedness both in archives and on the ground, to find stories and things globally. A licensed captain for over 25 years, […]

Book Review: The Caribbean Front in World War II by José L. Bolívar Fresnada

- by Eric Wiberg

José L. Bolívar Fresnada.The Caribbe-an Front in World War II: The Untold Story of U-boats, Spies, and Economic Warfare.Princeton, NJ: Markus Wiener Publishers,, 2021. 275 pp., illustrations, charts, notes, bibliography, index. US $26.95, paper; ISBN 978-1-55876-955-7.José L. Bolívar Fresnada, military his-torian and relative of two US Navy vet-erans, brings his considerable knowl-edge of Puerto […]


Lectures & Radio Interviews 2004-1/2020 (46) Eaglebrook School, Deerfield MA, Hilly Chase keynote speaker; U-Boats in New England, 1.22.2020 Presentation of the Distinguished Flying Cross, US Senate, remarks at ceremony, 12.5.2019 Bahamas Historical Society, Nassau, Mailboats of the Bahamas, 200 Years of History, 8.1.2019 Greek Orthodox Church Nassau, Bahamas, Greek SS Cygnet sunk San Salvador […]

Writing, Speaking & Film Portfolio

Awards (6) The Story of Gertrude H., semifinalist, 2020 Stories That Need to Be Told contest, TulipTree New York Post, Book of the Week selection, 28 Dec. 2019, for U-Boats in New England. Honorary Diploma, Association for Investigation, Diffusion of Cuban Naval History, 2015 Roger Williams University School of Law Scholarship, Bristol, RI, 2001-2004 Honors Program, Boston […]

Book review on

- by chromasitesadmin
U-boats off Bermuda

For the first time, a book exposes an obscure theater of the Second World War in great detail and comprehensively, not just in terms of geography but also from the perspectives of both Allied and Axis participants. U-Boats off Bermuda provides details of specific U-Boat patrols and their commanders, as well as a general overview […]