S/V Margaret Rose, 2nd mailboat in fleet of Capt. Ernest Dean of Sandy Point Abaco

MAILBOAT NAME: S/V Margaret Rose
DIMENSIONS: c.45 feet on deck (“only a little bit bigger than the Captain Dean”)
CONSTRUCTION: built in Nassau, NP for the fishing industry
YEAR BUILT: 1951 or so: “almost brand new when I bought her” in 1953
EARLY CAREER: purchased by Capt. Ernest Dean of Abaco c.1953
BAHAMAS CAREER: served Sandy Point & Mores Island Abaco & Bimini from Nassau
CAPTAINS: Capt. Ernest Alexander Dean
FATE: sold and replaced by the Clermont
OWNERS: Captain Ernest Dean, Sandy Point Abaco

In his book “Island Captain” (White Sound Press, 1997), Capt. Dean writes: 

“…I bought the Margaret Rose from a chap who had built her down in Nassau. She was built for fishing, but to my knowledge she had never gone out. She was almost brand new when I got her. Margaret Rose was only a little bit bigger than the Captain Dean, but the way she was built she could carry a lot more freight. She was sloop-rigged and carried the same type of Perkins engine….”

He continues: “….I can’t remember exactly how long I ran the Margaret Rose, but it was a few years. I sold here when I took over the 112-foot motor vessel Clermont.”

Source: “Island Captain,” by Dean and Woodcock,, pp. 54-55