U-530 under Kurt Lange Bermuda patrol November 1943

U-530          Lange 9-Nov-1943 5 days

Kapitänleutnant Kurt Lange brought his sub U-530 to the southeast of Bermuda for five days in order to refuel from U-488, starting on the 9th of November 1943. Entering the region to the east southeast of Bermuda the sub headed southwest until the 11thof November, where it rendezvoused with the U-tanker or milk cow U-488. On the 12th the boat headed south, leaving the region on the 13thof November.

U-530 sailed for the 10thU-boat Flotilla out of Lorient on the 17th of October, for the Caribbean. After refueling from U-488 she entered the Caribbean Sea near Martinique and made it as far as Panama. Off that coast on the day after Christmas she damaged the tanker Chapultepecof 10,195 tons. On the 29th of December another tanker, the Esso Buffalo rammed the U-boat, however U-530 made good its escape. The submarine returned to Lorient on the 22ndof February 1944.

Kurt Lange was born in August 1903 and was a member of the Crew of 1922. In his early naval career he served in a VP-boat flotilla before joining U-boats starting in September 1941. Over six patrols in U-530 starting in February 1943 (he commissioned her in October, 1942), Lange accrued 369 days on patrol. During that time he sank or attacked three ships of 22,258 tons. He was awarded the German Cross in gold and lived until 1995.


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