M/V Mia Dean serving Clarence Town Long Island Bahamas as mailboat

M/V “Mia Dean” serving South Long Island and Clarence Town – on the week of March 15-21 2014 this boat was not in service but was being substituted by the M/V “Sea Spirit” which also served Long Cay, Acklins and South Long Island, leaving Tuesdays at 1 PM.
PAST NAMES: not known
DIMENSIONS:  details of this mailboat do not appear in the usual search databases
CONSTRUCTION: n/a ditto above
YEAR BUILT: n/a ditto above
EARLY CAREER: so far as is known she has been serving the Bahamas her entire career
BAHAMAS CAREER: South Long Island, Clarence Town, but as of March 2014 was being substituted by the M/V Sea Spirit. The trip is said to take 12 hours and cost $40.
CAPTAINS: not known
FATE: still operating in April 2014
OWNERS: believed to be the Dean family of Sandy Point, Great Abaco
NOTES: There is a good article about disruption of mail boat service to Long Island and other islands in which the Mia Dean is cited, at the Nassau Guardian, May 2011 – http://www.thenassauguardian.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=10472:family-island-businesses-lament-mail-boatstrike&catid=40:business&Itemid=2
M/V “Jay Dean” and M/V “Janette Dean” alongside M/V “Mia Dean” alongside one another at Potter’s Cay. Only the “Mia Dean” is a mail boat so far as I could tell, and she was out of service the week that I visited. The Dean family are a storied boat-owning family from Sandy Point Abaco.
There is another good photo by Jimmy Baikovicius at https://www.flickr.com/photos/jikatu/5718858957/