M/V Emmett Cephas, Mailboat serving Ragged Island since 1988

Emmett Cephas (mis-named Emmett & Cephas in this blog and Emmitt & Cephas elsewhere) at Potter’s Cay Dock, Nassau, c.2000. Photo courtesy of Capt. Calum Legett, who believed the boat sank in 2001. From this photo, the way that the light plays on the bow, it would appear she is constructed of wood, though this is not verified.

MAILBOAT NAME: M/V Emmett Cephas
PAST NAMES: not known
DIMENSIONS: 142 gross tons (GT), IMO # 8803159 
CONSTRUCTION: Saint Augustine Marine, St. Augustine, Florida USA
EARLY CAREER: so far as is known she has been serving the Bahamas since her construction in 1988. One site lists her itinerary as Ragged Island from Nassau – Duncan Town. http://www.bahamas-travel.info/mailboat.htm

BAHAMAS CAREER: listed at www.grosstonnage.com as a “dead ship” and no longer in service
CAPTAINS: most likely Captain Emmett Munroe himself, possibly a Capt. Maycock
FATE: One source says she sank in 2001, however www.grosstonnage.com was last updated in December 2010
OWNERS: Munson Shipping Company, Nassau, Bahamas
NOTES: In an article in “The Bahamas Weekly” the owner of the Emmett Cephas was awarded the British Empire Medal at Government House. The citation reads: Mr. Emmett Munroe

“Mr. Emmett Munroe was born in Ragged Island and has sailed vessels trading between Ragged Island, Cuba and Haiti. He worked for the late Sir Roland Symonette, transporting materials for road works in the 1970’s. He operated a tugboat for Sir Durward Knowles in Nassau Harbour in 1987. Captain Munroe and his uncle purchased their first mail boat and named it the “Emmett and Cephas”. In 1995, he and his two sons formed the Munson Shipping Company at which time they purchased the M.V. Cherise. They acquired the Mailboat the “Island Link” in 2004. Captain Munroe is the owner of the “Wash Bowl” on Ida Street, which has been in operation for many years. Since his retirement in 2006, his two sons operate the business.”

Source: http://www.thebahamasweekly.com/publish/bis-news-updates/Queen_s_Honours_printer.shtml

I believe the reference to “Cherise” may be to the mail boat “Sherice M”, though this is not confirmed. The “Island Link” is chronicled in photos and words on this blog.

In this photo by Capt. Calum Legett the Emmett Cephas is to the far right at Potter’s Cay Dock, c. 2000