Shipwrecks of The Bahamas – Highbourne Cay Shipwreck, Exumas, 1513 Iberian, Diego Miruelo, Ponce de Leon

THE night of Tuesday, September 23, 1513, was another boisterous one for a fleet of four heavily armed Spanish vessels returning from a mission to find Florida. Three of the vessels, under Ponce de Leon, had set off together, but the third ship, which is not named in historical records, was on a separate mission, […]

Splashdown in the moonlight

ON the night of Tuesday, October 5, 1943, a pilot from the RAF named Hastie calmly pointed the sizeable B-25 Mitchell bomber towards the dark outline of South Eleuthera, just above Lighthouse Point. Despite losing an engine then the second one overheating, Hastie managed to calmly land his nearly 70ft, 35,000lb airplane a mere 100 […]