Book Review: Quirky History: Maritime Moments Most History Books Don’t Mention by John Quirk

Funny, informative, and above all quirky, the artist, raconteur and certainlyopinionated illustrator, engineer, and world traveler, John Quirk, invites usbehind the stage and into the wheelhouse of 25 maritime events in his newbook Quirky History: Maritime Moments Most History Books Don’t Mention.He prods, entertains, and startles us with implausible stories which he managesconvince us were […]

Book Review: The Development of Crude Oil Tankers. A Historical Miscellany by Ray Solly

This richly illustrated history compiled by a recognized tanker-ship officer,educator, and author, vividly informs us about 160 years of specifically thetanker ships carrying the basic feedstock of our petroleum-reliant world: crudeoil. Unlike most other ships, tankers are limited to only those ports globallywith the complex technology and storage to handle that volatile and valuableliquid petroleum. […]

Abaco’s servant, the Albertine Adoue

THE original largeschooner Albertine Adouewas wrecked in Abaco, anda smaller schooner was built from her timbers, mean-ing there were essentially two sail vessels of the samename. She was 60 feet ondeck, two masts, howeveroriginally the schooner was170ft long, 36ft wide and16ft deep, originally withthree masts.The ship was constructedof wood salvaged fromthe schooner built in Bath,Maine, […]