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For the first time, a book exposes an obscure theater of the Second World War in great detail and comprehensively, not just in terms of geography but also from the perspectives of both Allied and Axis participants. U-Boats off Bermuda provides details of specific U-Boat patrols and their commanders, as well as a general overview of the situation in the theater of war around Bermuda. It is a detailed analysis of individual casualties, broken down by a) background of ship, b) background of U-boat, c) attack method (surface and/or submersed), d) details of survivors and their plight at sea and e) their rescue, recuperation and repatriation. Detailed maps and illustrations provide a human face to what were often tragic attacks with fatal consequences…

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  1. My great uncle Reginald Lloyd Edwards survived the sinking of the SS. Margot but is not mentioned. He then followed Captain Collins aboard the SS. Empire Turnstone during Convoy ONS-136 where the entire crew perished when it was sunk by U-261 south of Iceland.
    R.L. Edwards was the Bosun aboard Empire Turnstone and his name is listed amongst the others on the Tower Hill Memorial Cenotaph, London England. (Panel #35.)

    Kevin Dawe, Fort Macleod, Alberta

    1. Kevin
      Many thanks for posting bout Mr. Edwards and the SS Margot. I am sorry he was then lost off Iceland.
      Also, I am truly sorry and remiss for my delay in replying, which has been due to an unexpected divorce.
      I’m back writing again and will submit the manuscript for UBOATS IN NEW ENGLAND to Fonthill Media by mid Jan 2018. Should you wish to add anything at all by way of research, interviews, crew stories, sagas, deaths, memorials, please let me know, preferably via
      Thanks again & regards, Eric

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