MV Malayan Prince grazed by torpedo of U-432/Schultze 9 June 1942 off Canada

The Malayan Prince was an 8,593 ton motorized merchant ship built in Germany in March 1926 by Deutsche Werft AG, Betrieb Finkenwarder in Hamburg. Her owner at the time of attack off Canada was Furness Withy & Co. Ltd. of Liverpool, UK, and her homeport was London.
At the time of attack Malayan Prince was in Convoy BX 23A voyaging from New York to Halifax then Belfast Lough and Cardiff on the other side of the Atlantic. She was laden with general cargo of war materiel. At roughly 8:01 AM local time on the 9th of June 1942 the German U-boat U-432 under Heinz-Otto Schultze sent four of its torpedoes into the convoy in which the Malayan Prince sailed while it was approaching Cape Sable at the mouth of the Gulf of Maine. A minute and half later the ship Kronsprinsen was damaged by one of the missiles. A different torpedo missed the intended recipient  and after more than two minutes struck the Malayan Prince, damaging the ship but only slightly.

The ship was repaired soon afterwards – presumably in Halifax – and returned to service in a matter of weeks, by July 1942. The Malayan Prince survived not only this attack, but the war.

Malayan Prince, which survived WWII

In July 1950 the ship was broken up in Inverkeithing, UK.