Database of over 200 mailboats in Bahamas 1800s to present


AbilinM/VY1962Duisburg, GermanyMAN GHH Dock & Schiffbau430 GRT,  595 SDWTPurchased by Bahamian owners in 1980sPorts of Long Island until around 1998, when she is listed as “detained.”Possibly for sale since August 2013. Capt. Calum Legett believes that the ship was sunk as or on a reef in 2007.
Air PheasantM/VUSS PC 1015 until 1942, then SC-1015, USCG Air Pheasant (WAVR-449) 1945 to 1948Y1942Stamford ConnecticutLuders Marine148wood110.8176.52 X General Motors engines154021Sir George William Kelly Roberts (purchased in 1942). Holding co. Richard Campbell Ltd. NassauSold to Erickson brothers for their Morton Salt Company to serve InaguaReplaced the Monarch of Nassau on the San Salvador mailboat run. Also served Fortune Island/Long Cay, Crooked Island and Acklins in the 1950s and San Salvador in the 1970sAnton Lockhart of Ragged Island (1964)Scrapped in 1982Sister ship to the Drake
Air SwiftM/VUSS SC-1340 (18 Sept. 1943 to 30 Oct., 1945), USCGC WAVR 471 Air Swift (30 Oct. 1945 to 19 Jan. 1948)No1943, Keel laid 7 Nov. 1942, launched 18 Sept. 1943, commissioned 4 Dec. 1943Halesite, Long Island, New York, USAWalter E. Abrams Shipyards, Thomas Knutson Shipbuilding Corp.134110’10”176.52 diesel engines, 2 propellers21Sir George William Kelly Roberts purchased in 1948. Owned under holding company Richard Campbell Ltd. NassauAfter the US Navy and US Coast Guard put on the Nassau-Eleuthera mail run Nassau – Eleuthera mail run before the Bahama Daybreak and past 1950Jeff Albury wrote that the Air Swift was lost off Six Shilling Channel, between Current Island and Rose Island. Date and circumstances not known, but in 2014 he said his dad showed him wreckage when they were conching in the channel years ago.
Albertine AdoueS/V1894Bath, MaineCapt. William Augustus Roberts had the new vessel salvaged off Spanish Cay and built at Black Sound, Green Turtle Cay, AbacoMade from scraps of a larger vessel 60 feet on deckR. J. Anderson Farrington (1926), William Augustus Roberts.Before the Bahamas Captain Nathan K. (or R.) Rich (wife Nellie), and Capt. Hubbard. In Bahamas Captain Hartley Roberts, Captain Osbourne Roberts, Captain Roland Roberts, sons of William Augustus Roberts.Abaco from c.1894 to 1923, replaced by the M/V Priscilla in 1923, nearly lost in a hurricane Long Island Bahamas, 1926, whilst serving Inagua and other islandsHartley Roberts, Osbourne Roberts, Roland Roberts On Christmas Day 1930 went aground in North Carolina laden with liquor during the Prohibition and was lostThe vessel was named for the wife of prominent businessman Bertrand Adoue of Galveston, Texas. This smaller schooner was built from her timbers of a larger wreck, Green Turtle Cay Abaco
Alice MabelM/V1923AbacoMarsh Harbour47WoodSchooner, more than one mast, auxiliary motorSir George William Kelly Roberts (purchased in 1923). Owned under the holding company Richard Campbell Limited of NassauNot known which islands the vessel served, though it is safe to assume that Eleuthera was among its ports of callJohn CareyBy 1940 the small ship was no longer listed in mercantile navy listsNamed after Sir George William Kelly Roberts’ daughter
Almeta QueenM/VAlmeta Queen (motor) & Almeta (sail)NoAlmeta Queen by J. J. Taylor for “War Supply Ltd.” in Toronto. 17 June, 1942. Almeta 1946.Marsh Harbour Abaco. Another place says: TorontoBenjamin Roberts’ father81 GT, 120 NTWood107.510.318Two Hall-Scott gasoline engines, two short masts1300Abaco Trading Company Limited, Nassau, NP – believed to be members of the Benjamin Roberts family in Marsh Harbour AbacoWas lauched as the Royal Canadian Navy’s motor launch Q-080. Then a private yacht owned by H. B. Prior in Larchmont, NYBelieved by Eldwyth Roberts to have carried freight and possibly mail among the Bahamas as well as crawfish to Florida and freight to and from Cuba.Sherwin Archer of AbacoIn August 2007 was sighted in aerial photographs rotting on the River Platte of ArgentinaWas built for War Supply. Converted to sail in 1946
Anna PatriciaUS Navy LCI147Imperial Lighthouse Service
ArenaS/VNoMost likely 1890s to 1920s (during the sponging heyday). Another place says 1910Likely at an Abaco shipyardWood50. Another place says c.70After sponging collapsed was one of last sailing mailboats Abaco-Nassau through the early 1950sCaptain Sherwin Archer of AbacoWas a wind driven mail boat
AthelqueenTo and from Hope Town to visiting shipsBritish tanker Athelqueen sunk by Italian submarine off Hope Town in 1942The boat was a gift from officers, featured in a painting by renown Abaco artist Alton Lowe
Augusta Justina19William H. Hanna of Long Bay, Crooked Island (1868 )
AutogoS/V195275Charles Sawyer, Marsh Harbour, AbacoFreight and passengers on a per-trip basis Nassau – AbacoCapt. Charles W. SawyerRetired from service about 1952 due to lack of profitability
Bahama LandM/VBlack Creek until 19551955Pascagoula, Mississippi, USAWalker Marine184Steel83Dantzler Navigation. Began in US GulfTrading as a mailboat in March 1975Was built as a fishing vessel
Bahama Mama / AlhucemasM/VAlhucemas20093,520 DWT, 20,238 GRTSteel5087923Spanish flag, to Canary Islands in SpainServed the Balearic Islands, possibly Canary Islands, in the Med/SpainBaleària Group of SpainReplaced the smaller M/V Pinar del Rio, 244′ long, 86′ beam, catamaran on the Fort Lauderdale – Freeport Grand Bahama run in Feb. 2015
Bahama TraderM/VBefore 1973Wood90A.C.L. Limited, Nassau
Bahamas CelebrationM/V198135,855 GT, 3,210 DWTSteel67787.75Bahamas (was St. Kitts Nevis until recently)Celebration Cargo LineStarting in about 2014 began offering service from Palm Beach to Freeport Grand Bahama
Bahamas DaybreakM/V
Bahamas Daybreak IIM/V
Bahamas Daybreak IIIM/VNo110Theophilus Sutart of North Eleuthera (Nassau “Tribune” of Feb. 10, 2006)At latest check serves South Eleuthera (Governors Harbour, Hatchet Bay) leaving Mondays at 5pm, then North Eleuthera (Bluff, Spanish Wells, Harbour Island) leaving Nassau Wednesdays at 5pmQuincy Sawyer and Ashok – a previous master. Moss, now serves with Bahamas FerriesStill operating in April 2014
Bahamas ExpressM/VNot known but given it is 5 years old is presumed to have had same name2010Palatka, FloridaSt. John’s Shipbuilders487 GT, 146 NT, 850 DWT1923872 X 3412 Caterpillar engines144010PanamaSEACOR Island Lines, Fort Lauderdale, Florida16 islands in the Bahamas plus Turks & CaicosPossibly Tony Powell
Bahamian (ex-Firebird, ex-Firequeen, ex-Candace)M/VYacht Candace, 1882 – 188?, HMS Firequeen 188?-1920, Lighthouse Tender Firebird, 1920-193?No1882Candace in Leith England269 GT167.823.612.3500From the 1880s to 1930 or so she served the Royal Navy as HMS Firequeen, the flagship of an admiral. Another place says: built as a yacht for a wealthy British “playboy”. raced in France and UK as yacht Candace, then given or sold to the Royal Navy and renamed the Firequeen. Served for 40 years or roughly 1890 to 1930, then assigned to the Bahamas as a lighthouse tender. Owbers were a British aristocrat (Candace), then the Royal Navy (Firequeen)Charles Munro of NassauAssigned to the Imperial Lighthouse Service in the Bahamas as a lighthouse tender named Firebird. Then Was the inter-island freighter Bahamian for eight yearsIn 1935 the Firebird Captain was W. Moxeley. When she was the Bahamian, Charles Munro her owner, of Nassau was likely the captain.  As the Firebird Cleveland Malone was radio officer.Wrecked just west of Blue Lagoon Island (Salt Cay), north of Paradise Island (Hog Island), she is now known as the Mahoney Wreck in 25-45 feet of water.
Bailey TownM/V1946Bimini34 GT, 31 NTWood46.5146.5140Theodore R. Saunders
Barbara EllenHannas from Acklins (1911)
BelugaM/VLiifeboat of the Norwegian tanker “O. A. Knudsen”No1939Built in Germany along with the mother ship307Sailed worldwide in the chocks of the O A Knudsen carrying Allied cargoes of oil to beleaguered Britain until March 1942 when sunk off Bahamas. As lifeboat the Knutsen OAS tanker firm in Norway, then Capt. BethelFrom Cherokee Sound, Great Abaco to Crossing Rocks, to the south along the island’s windward eastern shoreBethel (according to his son Patrick of Cherokee Sound)March 1942 sunk off BahamasMade from a life boat
Bentley Three-masted schoonerAccording to the Lawlors, as a young man George sailed on theBentley under his father before moving to Nassau at the age of 12.
Betty K.M/VNo1938164C Trevor Kelly (Betty K Line).Florida to Nassau and possibly AbacoThe “motor boats,” as the Duchess [of Windsor, Wallis Simpson, wife of the Governor, formerly King Edward VIII] called them, offered sailings every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday in each direction between Nassau and Miami. Before the war, they had sailed from Miami at Noon and from Nassau at 2 pm but [during World War II in the early 1940s] they moved back and forth as cargo offered
Betty K. IIM/VFP 391 and Sea Princess1944 – delivered 30 November 1943Los Angeles CAUnited Concrete Pipe Co579 and 750 SDWTBahamasC Trevor Kelly (Betty K Line).Florida to Nassau and possibly AbacoFrom 1944 to 1989 she was named Betty K and flagged to and traded in the Bahamas. Miami FL-Nassau run.Sailing as the “Lady K” in Columbia, South America, 1984-1991 – Broken up on March 31st 1991 according to From 1980 to 1984 she was named FP 391 – not sure where she traded, flagged. In 1984 she was the Sea Princess.
Betty K. IIIM/V1944, delivered November 30, 1943Barber, NJ, USANew Jersey Shipbuilding381 GTC Trevor Kelly (Betty K Line).Florida to Nassau and possibly AbacoMiami FL-Nassau run 1944-1969Became the Deborah K until at least 1983 (Deborah K listed in 1989)
Betty K. IVM/VFS 382, Jekyl AG 135, Jekyl, Jekyl AKL 6, Sea Princess II, Nilo1944, delivered November 30, 1944Whitestone, NY USAWheeler Shipbuilding492 GT, 792 DWTC Trevor Kelly (Betty K Line).Florida to Nassau and possibly AbacoBecame the Honduran-flagged “Hope 1” under Hope Naviera, San Lorenzo in around 1988 and continues under that flag and managementMiami FL-Nassau run 1980 – 1988
Betty K. VM/VToste Jarl, Andre Paul, Atlantis Mariner I, Laila, Laila 1, Ocean Blue1970, delivered November 30, 1969Kyrkesaeterora, NorwayVaagen Verft Engineering815 GT, 790 DWTC Trevor Kelly (Betty K Line).Miami FL-Nassau run 1980 – 1995Became the Bolivian-flagged “Ocean Blue” after September 2010
Betty K. VIM/VNo1988 Another place says: 2004Macvanska Mitrovica, SerbiaDTSG Sava Shipyard1,457 GT, 1,070 DWTPanamaManager Betty K Line, Nassau, Bahamas (owners listed at Gull Shipping of Ottersoy, Norway, suggesting that the ship is being chartered into the Bahamas)Florida to Nassau and possibly AbacoMiami FL-Nassau run 2004 – present
Betty K. VIIM/VNo1979Haugesund NorwayBrodrene Lothe Flytedokken2,028 GT, 1,250 DWTPanamaC Trevor Kelly (Betty K Line).Florida to Nassau and possibly AbacoMiami FL-Nassau run 2006 – presentStill plying the route under ownership of the Betty K Line
Betty K. VIIIM/VNo1984Bremen, GermanyLurssen Werft2,191 GT, 1,492 DWTAvatiu, Cook IslandsC Trevor Kelly (Betty K Line).Florida to Nassau and possibly AbacoSince May, 2014 she has been plying the cargo route between Miami, Nassau and AbacoStill plying the route under ownership of the Betty K LineCapable of carrying about 1,500 tons of cargo
Big Yard ExpressM/VBefore 1989102Mangrove Cay Andros in 1989
Bimini CatM/V1977187 GTSteel1216Bimini Shipping, LLC, which has a dock facility on South River Drive, MiamiFLA to Andros (Driggs Hill), Cat Cay Bimini, Eleuthera, The Exumas, Great Harbour Cay Berry Islands, Harbour Island Eleuthera, Nassau, BiminiPossibly Chris Knowles
Bimini MackM/V1981St. Augustine FloridaSaint Augustine Marine207 GT, 350 SDWTSteel99.9Bimini Mack Association, Alice Town, Bimini and Bimini Businessman’s Association Alice Town Bimini. something of a cooperativeBimini as a mailboat and passenger carrier from Nassau
Bo HengyM/V(PRESENT NAME: M/V Red Jet 5)No1999New London, ConnecticutPequot River Ship Works209 GT, 74 NTAluminium11527.55Catamaran hull, powered by MTU engines4726BahamasBahamas Ferries Limited conveniently situated at Potter’s Cay DocksRed Funnel Group of Southampton UK for service to Cowes, Isle of Wight, UK (May 2009)Spanish Wells and Harbour Island’s Dunmore Town, North Eleuthera, daily.Said to include  Moss, formerly skipper of the M/V Bahamas Daybreak III
Bo Hengy IIM/VNo2008 540 GT and capacity for 53 tons of cargoAluminium135Cummins engines25BahamasSpanish Wells and Harbour Island’s Dunmore Town, North EleutheraSaid to include  Moss, formerly skipper of the M/V Bahamas Daybreak IIIStill in operation
BrontesS/V192142WoodSan Salvador, Rum Cay and Exuma Cays up to July 1926W. P. Syles and BurrowsWrecked and sank on Exuma Cays near Highbourne Cay in a hurricane of late July 1926
Cape ExpressM/V2008St. John’s ShipbuildingSt. John’s Shipbuilding487 GT, 146 NTSteel1903873 X Caterpillar 3412 engines11PanamaUsed to be owned by G&G ShippingSEACOR Island Lines, Fort Lauderdale, Florida16 islands / ports in Bahamas
Cape HatterasM/VYes1950sUSWood56671 General Motors diesel engine Nathaniel Bruce Taylor, Pirates Well Investments (purchased in 1962). Served Mayaguana from 1962 to 1968Sold to fishermen in Spanish Wells, EleutheraAbraham’s Bay Mayaguana (1962 to 1968)Nathaniel Bruce TaylorSold to crawfishermen in Spanish Wells, Eleuthera in 1968 and used for fishing thereafter, acc. Capt. Eddins Taylor
Capt. Gurth DeanM/VOctober 13th 1999AlabamaRodriguez Coden Ernest Alexander Dean (Jr.) of Sandy Point and NassauSouthern Abaco. Her route takes her to Sandy Point, Moore’s Island, and Bullocks Harbour in the Berry Islands John DeanAs of March 2014 laid up at Potter’s Cay, Nassau NP Bahamas for repairs/out of service
Captain C.M/V500. Can carry 600 tons of cargoSteel125Trading to Ragged Island since the late 1980s. Served Black Point and other Exuma communities from the 1980s to the present, though the present vessel was clearly built in the last decade or so.Recently skippered by Etienne Maycock, Sr.
Captain DeanM/VBegun in 1949 and not launched until February 1951 (it took 2 years to build without elecricity)Sandy Point AbacoHand-hewn pine, and madeira and dogwood roots30 feet at the keel, 40 feet on deck155At first had no engines but relied instead on the Trade Winds to propel her. Perkins diesel installed by Bill Minns of NassauFirst in the crawfish, then the mailboat trade from Nassau to the Berry Islands, Sweeting’s Cay (Grand Bahama), Mores Island and Sandy Point, AbacoErnest Dean and  James Dean (once it reverted to crawfish)
Captain Dean IIM/V1963Dundas Town (Marsh Harbour) AbacoJohny Albury and Walter HatcherBuilt entirely of native woods, 4 X 4 inch with two-inch planking60145Two Perkins diesel enginesNassau to Bullock’s Harbour Berry Islands, Sandy Point Abaco, Hard Bargain, Mores Island, and Sweetings Cay Grand BahamaSherwin ArcherIn 1968 caught fire and sank between the Berry Islands and Abaco
Captain Dean IIIM/V1969St. Augustine, FloridaJohn PetrudisWood90185Caterpillar engine. wooden hullSt. Augustine, FloridaErnest Alexander Dean and sons In 1973 the vessel was sold to interests in Bimini to provide mail service thereNassau to Bullock’s Harbour Berry Islands, Sandy Point Abaco, Hard Bargain, Mores Island, and Sweetings Cay Grand BahamaErnest Alexander Dean and sonsSunk on the Mackey Shoal Buoy between Bimini and the Berry Islands (1974)
Captain Dean IVM/V1974St. Augustine, FloridaSt. Augustine Trawlers by Jerry ThompsonWoodc.90′ on keel, c.18′ beam5A large Caterpillar diesel engine (same dimensions as the Captain Dean III)Ernest Alexander Dean, Sandy Point AbacoMail and crawfish and conch cargo Nassau, Berry Islands, Abaco. Nassau – Bullock’s Harbour Berry Islands, Sandy Point Abaco, Mores Island, Sweetings Cay Grand BahamaErnest Alexander Dean and sonsc. 1977 ran aground intentionally in sinking condition on the banks near Sandy Point Abaco under the command of John Dean. The crew were rescued by US Coast Guard helicopter.
Captain Dean VM/V1978 – keel laid Nov. 30 1976, delivered Nov. 30, 1977St. Augustine Florida, aka St. Augustine MarineJerry Thompson of St. Augustine Trawler Company, IncSteel90Single Caterpillar engine,Ernest Dean, Sandy Point AbacoMail to and from Nassau, Abaco, Eleuthera, other islandsErnest Dean,  John Dean, Stanford CurrySank at the Frederick Street dock in Nassau in a fire that claimed the life of Captain Stanford Curry. Her hulk was sold to Haitian interests.
Captain EmmettServing Salt Pond, Deadmans Cay and Seymours since 2010.
Captain FoxM/VYesBefore 1998From Nassau to Governors Harbour and Hatchet Bay in the late 1990s, leaving 1pm on Thursdays, taking six hours and costing $30 each wayBy the 2000’s this vessel was also not listed as active, and her final fate is unknown.
Captain Johnson Ind.M/VBefore 1973From Nassau in August 1975
Captain MoxeyM/V1998370Moxey ShippingAbaco and the Berry Islands. Written in another place as: serves Kemps Bay, The Bluff, Long Bay Cays in Andros generally on MondaysBoycel Moxey, Jr. and Kevin MoxeyStill operating in April 2014named after Captain Hezron Lenox Moxey, a renown boat builder and sloop race. His children became captains in their own right.  Bahamian Sailing Hall of Fame in 1990 and awarded the British Empire Medal in 1997.
Captain RobertsM/V1945Dunmore Town, Harbour Island, EleutheraEarl and Gerald JohnsonWood111Fairbanks Morse diesel motorSir George William Kelly Roberts (purchased in 1945). Owned under the holding company Richard Campbell Limited of NassauNassau to unknown out islands with mail and freightIn October 1945, freakish winds destroyed a number of small boats on Harbour Island and the Captain Roberts was wrecked on its maiden voyage. Location of the Captain Roberts’ final resting place is near Great Isaac Light north of the Bimini Islands, suggesting she may have been on her way to or from Florida when wrecked
Caribbean Express IM/V2000Palatka, FloridaProbably St. John’s Shipbuilders499 GT, 156 NT, 457 DWTSteel1903872 X 3412 Caterpillar engines1440PanamaSEACOR Island Lines, Fort Lauderdale, Florida16 islands in the Bahamas plus Turks & CaicosPossibly Tony Powell
Caribbean QueenM/VNone1945Nassau & Hog Island (Paradise Island) BahamasSymonette Shipyards335 GRTOver 120′ longSingle diesel motor & propTraded between Florida, the Bahamas and Caribbean – not necessarily a mailboatCargo freighter to and within the Bahamas from 1945 – 1961 when wrecked off Cay Sal on Jan 19th 1961 while motoring from Tampa to the DR in ballast. Sank off Cay Sal Bahamas whilst voyaging Florida to the DR via Old Bahama Channel
Caribe LegendM/V19933,992GT, 5,335 DWTSteel33360Antigua & Barbuda Tropical Shipping, Miami Florida, as of 2015 a division of Saltchuk Resources of Seattle, WashingtonNassau, NP Bahamas from Florida, as well as other Caribbean ports
Cat Island PrincessM/VIt exploded in  1969, off  Andros.  Was rescued  by AUTEC vessels.
Cavalier IM/VCavalier I (so named 1983 – 2003). Presently Island Breeze (2008-present), before that Hydra I (2003-2008).No1983Port Hawkesbury, CanadaBreton Industrial & Marine371 GT, 600 DWT17236Previous flags were Belize until 2006 and Panama 2006 – 2008“Eleuthera” Coral Gables, FloridaTraded throughout the Bahamas as required by Cavalier Shipping, part of a Bahamian construction concernPresently named “Island Breeze” and trading in Honduras – as of April 27 2014 the ship was in Miami, Florida
Central Andros Express62Mangrove Cay Andros in 1989
Champion IIM/V1986/87 (Capt. Ernest Dean who commissioned her said launched Dec. 1986)Saint Augustine Marine (aka St. Augustine Trawlers)Saint Augustine Marine (aka St. Augustine Trawlers)22 (it must be more than that)Steel75226Twin GM diesel enginesNassau, Bullocks Harbour, Berry Islands, Hard Bargain Mores Island Abaco, Sandy Point, Abaco, back to NassauErnest Alexander DeanStill trading as of Aug. 2012, however listed as “dead ship” on www.grosstonnage.comNamed after the fishing vessel skippered by Capt. Ernest Dean’s father, Capt. James Alexander Dean, 1889-1966
Charm1898Acklins11Acklins Philip HannahThere are 2 othes by the same name: Charm, schooner, 1862, Bahamas, 10, R. H. Sawyer, Nassau and Charm, schooner, 1901, Harbour Island, 13, William Roberts, Harbour Island
Christine D.M/VBefore 1975Nassau to unknown Bahama Islands in August 1975 (as mailboat)
Christopher DeanM/V1980Shimizu, JapanMiho Shipyard548 NT, 1,827 GT, 2,500 DWTSteel2975616195013PanamaKing Maritime Group, Mr. (Christopher) Dean King CEO, Fort Pierce, Florida. (No relation to the Dean mailboat family of Sandy Point Abaco).Brought freight and presumably passengers between ports in the US, Florida, Bahamas and Caribbean islandsStill operating but presently in Florida pending sale
Church BayM/VRoyal Navy minesweeper, HMS MMS 194 12 November 1942Nassau and Hog IslandSymonette ShipyardsBy 1952 was owned by the Three Bays CorporationOwned by Oscar Johnson, MP for Cat Island, who denied ownershipEarlier serving Freeport, provided mail and passenger service to the island between 1932Jenkins RobertsLoss by fire in 1973
City of NassauSSLauraNo1885Whiteinch, Glasgow ScotlandAitken & Mansel223 NT, 592 GTSteel20726.813.2Compound steam engine180London & Southwestern Railway Company, of London, UKHarbour Island – Nassau, presumably other islandsCargo only from 1922, said to have been broken up in 1937, but still listed in 1940. Also rumored to have been lost while boot-legging, but since that was in the 1920s this is not likely.
ClermontM/Vc.1950sNassauWood112Twin General Motors enginesA crawfish distributing firm in Nassau, and chartered by Captain Ernest Alexander Dean, Sandy Point AbacoSandy Point & Mores Island Abaco & Bullock’s Harbour Bimini from Nassau 1962Ernest Alexander DeanSank off Hole-in-the-Wall Light, Great Abaco, 1962
CommonwealthM/VBefore 198996Nassau to Crooked Island, Acklins, 1989 (as a mailboat)
Content S.M/VPercianna IINo1920Quincy, MassachusettsJ. M. Densmore boatyardWood110Carl Sawyer of R. W. Sawyer in Nassau (purchased in 1936). Was purchased with the name Content and added the “S” presumably for “Sawyer.”For 16 years the yacht served various owners, from a socialite member of the New York Yacht Club named Percy Hance, then a Mr. Spaulding from inland Vermont, then she languished in Miami under the name Content.Northern Bahamas to Miami. Was used to rescue survivors from Cross Harbor Abaco and alsao from Hope Town.Stanley Weatherford of Green Turtle Cay, and Roland Roberts of Eleuthera. Grover TheisWhilst serving as a banana boat in the West Indies she was rammed, sunk by the tug Foundation Aranmore off Cuba in 1946.Was a motor yacht initially
Current PrideM/V198088 GTWoodEleuthera, from Upper and Lower Bogue, The Bluff, Current Island, and Gregory Town, to Hatchet Bay/Alice TownPatrick Neilly
Current QueenM/VSpanish Rose1965Not known, probably Spanish Wells boat buildersWood64Purchased in 1965 by brothers Gurney Elon Pinder and Stephen Pinder to serve Spanish WellsIn 1977 the brothers sold the vessel, which had been running to and from Spanish Wells for 12 years, to interests in The Current settlement in Eleuthera, who renamed her the Current QueenTrading to Ragged Island. 1965-1977 served Spanish Wells/Nassau, 1977 onward served The Current Eleuthera and NassauFinal fate is unknown
DartS/VNo1867Harbour Island35Sporting two masts, the schooner was enlarged twiceJohn Saunders Harris of EleutheraCredited with providing the first regular inter-island mail and freight service, as opposed to those vessels shuttling mail from steam-ship depots on Fortune Island (Long Cay) and Crooked Island to NassauWilliam James Harris, born 1848 on Harbour IslandLost in a hurricane in 1922
Deborah K II1965348, 474 DWTSteelPrimary link between Marsh Harbour at least and Nassau.
DelightfulCastell Rivas Hanna of Pompey Bay, Acklins (1935)
Delmar L. / Captain DelmorM/VConfused as the Captain Delmor in earlier researchc. 1970St. Augustine FloridaSt. Augustine Shipbuilding. Design by DeJong and Lebet, IncSteel82246.5Powered by a single CM 8 V71 engine9.5 North Andros between 1970 to the 1980s. Served Kemp’s Bay, Bluff, Long Bay Cay, Driggs Hill, and Congo Town as well as Nassau and sometimes FloridaNot known – was listed as a mailboat in 1975, does not appear in the 1980s
DrakeM/VUSS PC 541 for Patrol Craft, then USS SC 541 for Submarine Chaser, then USCGS Air Drake (WAVR 418)No1942Benton Harbor MichiganRobinson Marine Construction136Steel110.9176.5Twin 1,540-bhp GM motors of 16-184A diesel variety, two propellers154021Sir George William Kelly Roberts (purchased in 1956 (one place written as 1942)). Owned under the holding company Richard Campbell Limited of NassauBuilt for the US Navy as USS PC 541, a patrol craft. After serving in the navy the vessel went to the US Coast Guard between 1945 and 1948 when it went to a New York fishing company until 1954 then the Crosland Fish Company, based in Key West as the Drake. Launched 11 April 1942 by US Navy, sold to US Coast Guard 31 October, 1945, sold by them on 2 February 1948Nassau, Rum Cay, and San Salvador in the southeastern BahamasNot known in Bahamas, but in the US Navy by Lt. Junior Grade Oscar L. Otterson, US Naval ReserveA vessel of similar dimensions but named “Bahamas Drake” is listed as having wrecked and sunk off the Exuma chain on the 29th of December 1968. Probably this was the Drake.
Duchess of TopsailM/VXanthoula, presently M/V Meyers Sesostris in Panama since 2013No1974879 GT, 192 DWTSteel220.544.5United Abaco Shipping Company Limited, Marsh Harbour, AbacoMarsh Harbour Abaco to Florida up to May 2013In some articles the M/V Duchess of Topsail was referred to as a sister ship to M/V Duke of Topsail, however the latter is clearly a much larger vessel and not identical.
Duke of TopsailM/VDuke of Norfolk19722,262 GT, 1,450 DWTSteel237.546San Lorenzo, HondurasUnited Abaco Shipping Company, Limited, Marsh Harbour AbacoAccording to the home site, the ship can carry palletized freight, 20′ containers, 40′ containers, and reefer, or refrigerated containers. The Ro/Ro ramp enables cars, trucks and boats as well as heavy equipment to be carried.
East WindM/VMay, 2007Coden, Alabama, USARodriguez Coden498 GT, 395 DWTSteel17738.257.25NassauBahamas Ferries, Nassau Bahamas, originally owned by Inter-Island ShippingSimms, Long Island, probably Clarence Town as well
Eastern IsleM/VYesBefore 1975Not known but was not trading in the 1980s so far as is known.
EgoM/V1943Abaco34 GTWood5214.86105Sir Roland Symonette. Symonette Shipyards Limited, Hog Island / NassauThe Current from Nassau, hauling produce from Eleuthera.Traded to Current for many years, meaning she must have run till the 1960s or 1970s. In fact on August 29, 1975 Ego was listed as an active mailboat in the Bahamas.
Eleuthera ExpressM/VWischhafen and Treasure Trader until 19791962Wlhelmahaven GermanySpiekeroog250 GT and 400 DWT Junior PinderIn the early 1980s she was sold to a group in Miami who renamed the vesselRock Sound, Governor’s Harbour, Spanish Wells, and Harbour Island Junior PinderSank between Haiti and Cuba in the late 1980sIt is possible that as the Treasure Trader (1978-1979) she traded in the Bahamas as well
Ella WarleySSNo1848Baltimore, Maryland US546 NT, 1042 GTWood212.633.521500Edwin C. Adderley, NassauA. G. Swasey in 1862Featured in the Mercantile Navy List 1870, 1880, 1890, 1900, 1910 and 1915One of the largest steam ships owned by Bahamians, to run weapons and supplies to the South during the American Civil War
Emerald ExpressM/V2001St. John’s ShipbuildersSt. John’s Shipbuilders494 GT, 148 NT, 850 DWTSteel1923872 X 3412 Caterpillar engines1440PanamaIsland Lines, Fort Lauderdale, Florida16 islands in the Bahamas plus Turks & Caicos
Emma TuttleS/V1859Le Havre, US108Augustus John Adderley (Nassau)Burr in 1860, William Florence in 1863Listed in the 1880, 1890, 1900, 1910, and 1915 Mercantile Navy List
Emmett CephasM/V1988St. Augustine, Florida USASaint Augustine Marine142 GTMunson Shipping Company of NassauEmmett MunroeRagged Island since 1988Most likely Emmett Munroe himself, possibly Maycock as wellOne source says she sank in 2001
Ena K.M/V1927Harbour Island116Wood116. Another place says 87.522.59Listed as a schooner (later motor vessel). Described as an “auxiliary motor schooner” in the 1920s to 1940sNassauEna K. Company Limited, Nassau, Bahamas – Agents Albury & Co. of NassauThree weekly round trips from Miami to Nassau (no time for inter-island)Charles A. PetteeStill sailing 1968, supplanted by the Betty K. on the Miami-Nassau run
EndionM/VNo1898Boston61 GT90.8. Another place says it was 10314.18.6Oil-burning engine, propelled by a Fairbanks Morse crude-burning engineHarbour Island Steamship Company (Albert Sweeting, Director, value set at US$7,000), in 1921 to replace the Dart. Was purchased at a public auction.Stint as a US Navy vessel (SP-707) in WWI. Served as USS Endion (SP-707) until stricken from the Navy List in October 1919 and soldE. B. Sweeting, Albert Sweeting, William G. HarrisPlied the route until 1939 until replaced by the Lady Dundas – her final fate is unknownIt was a private yacht. Her first voyage with the mail contract was on 17 January 1922
Excite1862Acklins4Acklins Conrad C. Hanna
Exuma PrideM/VHjelmeland Fjord, HMS LCG (M) 192Y1944 (23 Oct.)UKTees Side Bridge and Engine Works199 British reg., 380 displacementsteel150.322.16.8Diesel, 2 X Paxmans100011.75Nassau, NP, BahamasExuma Shipping & Transportation Company, Nassau, BahamasNorwegian 1949-1979:   and UK 1944-1949. In 1946 sold by UK Navy to Leif Storhaug of London and Stavanger, in Southhampton. 1946: AS Jøsenfjorden Ruteselskap , Stavanger. 1976: Det Stavangerske Dampskibsselskap , Stavanger.Wrecked half submerged on Crab Cay, North shore, Georgetown, Great ExumaNassau – Georgetown Exuma, presumably other islands in Exumasin Norway: Johan Kalheim and Johan WarlandBy 1987 Lloyds scratched her from lists. Abandoned in 1990s and recorded in photos by yachtsmen etc. in Georgetown then on.
F. A. MarieM/V1915Georgetown, Cayman Islands59 GT, 57 NTWood57.719.6840William D. Weech, Jr., Bimini
Fiesta MailM/V2002Tianjin, ChinaXinhe Shipbuilding2,485 GT, 710 DWTSteel2285011.512.5BahamasNathaniel Bruce Taylor (Taylor Corporation and Pirates Wells Investments’ fleet). The owning entity is MailBoat Company Ltd. of Nassau, which is run by Captain Elvin TaylorCarries freight and passengers to and from Freeport, but it calls at Port Everglades Florida as wellLimas TaylorCan carry up to 450 passengers between Nassau and the country’s second largest city, Freeport
Gary RobertsM/VThere may have been two vessels of the name Gary Roberts, one built 1942 (as sources say her keel was laid on Jan. 7, 1940) and the other built 1957Harbour IslandEarl and Gerald Johnson59GT, 50 NTNot known, presumably since she was built in Harbour Island, built of wood6616.57.2Two masts but was primarily propelled by a 100 horsepower Cooper-Bessemen diesel motor100BahamasSir George William Kelly Roberts (purchased in 1940). Owned under the holding company Richard Campbell Limited of NassauPlied between Nassau and Andros, including Lowe Sound between 1942 and 1978Said to have been lost, sold or scrapped on October 5th, 1978.
Gleaner ExpressM/VYesBefore 1973Nassau to Ragged Island in February and March 1973 (as a mailboat)
GloriaMangrove Cay Andros in 1989
GoldfingerM/V!940sWood104Imperial Lighthouse Service Nassau to Andros in the 1970s (as a mailboat), before that was a light house tender under Capt. Everett Roberts of Abaco in the 1960sEverett Roberts of AbacoSank in a storm on a run to AndrosA former lighthouse tender sold for service as a mailboat. Used to be a US Navy submarine chaser, name / designation not known
Grand MasterM/V1983St. Augustine FloridaSan Sebastian Marine214Presumably members of the Brozogzog family, NassauGeorgetown Great ExumaLenny H. and Lance Brozogzog, a father-son team, as well as Rolly GrayStill operating in April 2014
Harley & CharleyM/V91Wood100Was proposed for service to South Andros in 1989, though at the time it was serving Eleuthera. It is not known whether it served Andros. In 1989 was serving Governor’s Harbour and Hatchet Bay EleutheraBy around 2000 this vessel no longer showed up on ship lists and databases – fate unknown.
HeroS/VEstimated c.1900Governor’s Harbour EleutheraThomas DemeritteWooden two-masted schoonerPresumably Thomas Demeritte since he built her Governor’s Harbour Eleuthera from Nassau to 1926 and beyondAppears to have survived the hurricanes of 1926 and beyond. No longer in service since at least the early 2000’sRescued survivor Napoleon Rolle of the Mountain King off Crooked Island 1926
Inagua Trader350158West India Transports, Limited of Matthew Town.Construction equipment and personnel and possibly salt from the salt industry on the island which was run for many years by Morton Salt.
Iris StarM/V1935Marsh Harbour, AbacoBenjamin Roberts’ father22 GT, 24 NTWood50156.540Rupert W. Roberts, Marsh Harbour, AbacoMostly a crawfish boat which transported crawfish to Florida, but carried freight and possibly mails in the off season to locations such as Georgetown, Exuma.Sunk off Nassau while carrying freight to Exuma
Island BreezeM/V1983371 GT, 600 DWTSteel171.536.36HondurasBimini Shipping, LLC, which has a dock facility on South River Drive, Miami20 Bahama Islands from Florida to Andros (Driggs Hill), Cat Cay Bimini, Eleuthera, The Exumas, Great Harbour Cay Berry Islands, Harbour Island Eleuthera, Nassau, and both North and South BiminiPossibly Chris Knowles
Island LinkM/VNo2004 (July)Caboolture, AustraliaSouth Pacific Marine Construction443GT, 200 DWTOwners are listed as Munson Shipping of Bank Lane and managers as Bahamas Searoad of Potter’s Cay West. Another place says it is Emmett MunroeSalt Pond, Deadman’s Cay Long Island, George Town, Exuma Jed MunroeStiill operating in April 2014
Island SpiritM/VBefore 1985Nassau to unknown Bahama islands (as a mailboat)
Island TraderM/VEstimated c.1980Steel140BahamasPresumably Gerald Stuart and Gregory Stuart, both listedNorth Eleuthera c.2000 to c 2008Possibly Gerald Stuart, Applicant for the vessel’s license in 2006
Isle of JuneM/V1926Harbour Island, North EleutheraEdward RobertWood83Stteam propelled with auxiliary sailNassau, N.P., BahamasKelly Lumber company of Nassau, N.P., BahamasNassau with mail, passengers and freight from Miami up to 1938Richard H. Sweeting, Frank Johnson,  W. H. Wheeler (1926 – 1928 shot himself on board).Taken off the Miami run in Sept. 1938, replaced by the Betty K. and the Monarch of Nassau. By 1940 she was not listed in the British Mercantile Navy List of Steamers.
IsocelesS/VShamrock IV (? unconfirmed)80WoodPotentially/originally Sir Thomas Lipton of Lipton Tea fameSunk in Nassau in July 1926 in a hurricane, ultimately broken up 1930
IvalS/V1938Andros22WoodRupert E. Bowleg of Nicolls Town, AndrosTraded on charter to third parties within the Bahamas and at least as far as Cuba, probably the US
Jean BrilliantM/V1935Newcastle, England UKSwan Hunter & Wigham Richardson yard640 GT16929Clarke Steamship CompanyFrom Gulf of St. Lawrence ports and Newfoundland, Canada, 1935 ad 1942Gulf of St. Lawrence ports and Newfoundland, Canada, 1935 ad 1942William Tremblay
K.C.T.M/VNo2012165Powered by Mitsubishi engines rated 630 hp at 1,600 rpm630Thomas Hanna under either the Ro-Ro or Carib-USA brandsFresh Creek and Central Andros, spending Wednesday to Saturday there and Sunday to Tuesday in Nassau. She has also served Acklins at $90 each way for a 26-hour voyage every ten daysThomas (Tom) HannaIs a stern-loaded ro/ro vessel
Kate SturrupS/V1890Harbour Island51Henry William F. SturrupArnold IngrahamForty years later left the Bahamas permanently for Jamaica.Delivering members of the Third Bahamas Contingent on the first leg of their long journey to Europe to fight in the First World War
Lady BlancheM/V97In the late 1980s the boat served the Exumas – perhaps longerNot known but no longer in service
Lady CordeauxM/VNo1922Milford, Delaware, USA275Wood115.928.610.3The Bahamas Government, Nassau, N.PPossibly Mr. J. O’BrienWas a government tug
Lady D.M/V1992Fresh Creek, Staniard Creek, Stafford Creek, Behring, Blanket Sound, and Browne Sound, Central AndrosPrince MunroeDemise at Potter’s Cay Dock Nassau, summer, 2014, fall 2016 removed
Lady DundasM/VNoSpring 1939Dunmore Town, Harbour Island, Eleuthera – believed by Berlin T. & Harry AlburyDesigned by Harbour Island resident, American ship designer Lawrence Huntington97 NT, 115 GT, Capacity of 80 tons of freight92 (also described as 82.7” long, perhaps on the waterline)19.59.3Two-spar rig (schooner?). Fairbanks-Morse engine of 150 hp15010Harbour Island Steamship Company Limited, Harbour Island, EleutheraReplaced M/V Endion and S/V Dart, both of which Captain Harris had commanded. Serviced Dunmore Town, Harbour Island, North Eleuthera, from Nassau, but also plied the route to Cat Island and perhaps other islands, according to Benedict Thielen, December 1964In the 1970s owned by the Lady Dundas Limited, of which Mr. Basil Butler was a shareholder in 1974 (see below)Harbour Island with passengers and freightWilliam G. Harris and Roy William Smith, Esq.  In June 1974 was arrested by Haitian authorities on suspicion of smugglingNamded for wife of Governor Sir Charles Cecil Farquharson Dundas (1884–1956) Huntington’s descendant Lawrence Huntington from Long Island, NY became NYYC Commodore
Lady EddinaM/V Stonewall Jackson until 19951969Moss Point Mississippi, USAVT Halter Marine270 GTSteel501311Owned by the Taylor family and operated by Pirates Well Investments.Used to be owned by Offshore Logistics Services, Inc. Mostly in the US Gulf for offshore work.Joined the Bahamas mailboat fleet in 1995. Served Bennett’s Harbour, Arthur’s Town, Orange Creek and Dumfries between 1995 and roughly 2000Possibly E. B. TaylorNo longer sailing in Bahamas, listed as “dead ship” on
Lady EmeraldM/V2003Chauvin Louisiana464 GT, 300DWTG. M. Patton of NassauRum Cay, San Salvador and Cat IslandBill WilliamsAs of March 2014 laid up at Potter’s Cay, Nassau NP Bahamas for repairs/out of service
Lady EulaM/Vc.1978St. Augustine, FloridaJerry Thompson of St. Augustine Trawler Company Inc149Wood90Single Caterpillar engineErnest Dean’s son John took over running her to Andros, Freeport and Cat Island.Dean sold to interests in Cat IslandFreeport, Andros and North Cat Island between 1978 and 1981John Dean, Ernest DeanNavigational error, run aground on San Salvador and pummeled on the coast (c.1981)
Lady Francis (Frances)M/V1989Houma, Louisiana154Rum Cay and Salvador as well as Black Point ExumaPatton
Lady KathreinaM/V2005Chauvin, LouisianaRussell Portier Shipyard276 GT, 337 DWTSteel122.7530.5BahamasMangrove Cay and Fresh Creek, in South Andros KingStill actively sailing in the Bahamas
Lady Margo IIM/VFrankie Lynn1971Bayou La Batre, AlabamaMaster Marine127Most likely a commercial fishing vessel in the US Gulf before the Bahamas. In the US her original owner was Walter R. HicksListed in a travel guide as serving Andros in the mid-1990sNo longer in service May 2014
Lady MathildaM/VYes1998Chauvin, LouisianaRussell Portier ShipyardSteel135 (earlier was  110)Twin enginesNathaniel Bruce Taylor – Pirates Well Investments Ltd. Nassau, and four other shareholders according to the Tribune March 18, 2008Acklins, Crooked Island, Inagua and Mayaguana  Matthew Town, in southern Bahamas (since 1998)Nigel DavisDec 2010 minor fire while at Potter’s Cay Dock, Nassau, and on October 16, 2012 her crew fished an errant car from the harbor – its occupant was not found
Lady Moore80Sunk off Nichols Town, Andros as an artificial reef.In 1976 the substitute mailboat to Rum Cay was named in one study as the Lady Moore
Lady RosalindM/V1967Lockport, Louisiana. Another article says it was built in MississippiBollinger ship yards233 GT. Another article says it is 391 GT. 158 NTSteel1563812.6Nathaniel Bruce Taylor (purchased in 1987). Pirate’s Well InvestmentsSouthern Bahamas, Abraham’s Bay Mayaguana (1987 to present). Serving North Andros since roughly 1990Limas Taylor1997 the vessel struck a rock and was damaged beyond repair
Lady Rosalind IM/VJohn F. Walker, Jr., G. W. Pierce,  Fugro I,  G. W. Pierce,  Offshore Venture, OMS Maverick1987Chichasaw, AlabamaHalter Marine391 GTNathaniel Bruce Taylor (purchased from sellers in Texas in 2002)North Andros from NassauWillie Wilson and V. H. Black
Lady Rosalind IIM/V2006Chauvin, LouisianaPortier Shipyard498 GT19843 Pirates Well Investments and managed by E. B. TaylorMorgans Bluff, North Andros, Nichols TownEddins Taylor and  Gifford Johnson and  V. H. BlackStill serving in April 2015
Lady Tasha / AbastashM/VAbastashYesBefore 1973Serving Mayaguana, Crooked Island and Acklins IslandBelieved to have sunk off Northern Potter’s Cay Dock, Nassau, in the 2000’s, Fall 2016 Bahamas Ferries cleanup raised and tied to Arawak Cay towed and sunkListed by Bahamas government August 1975
LegacyM/VNo2002Coden, Alabama, USARodriguez Coden485 GT, 600 NTsteel16036BahamasDean’s Shipping Limited of NassauListed as serving Marsh Harbour, Guana Cay, Green Turtle Cay and Nassau on a weekly basisErnest Dean Jr.
Legend IIM/VSeptember, 2006Coden, Alabama, USARodriguez Coden488 GT, 545 DWTSteel18138.26 3 X Caterpillar engines120011Bahamas (flagged to Panama)Dean Shipping Company Limited, Nassau, Bahamas – most likely an offshoot of the Capt. Ernest Dean family which has owned dozens of vessels in the Bahamas since the 1940’s.Bimini Shipping, LLC, which has a dock facility on South River Drive, MiamiThrough Bimini Shipping offers service to 20 Bahama Islands from Florida to Andros (Driggs Hill), Cat Cay Bimini, Eleuthera, The Exumas, Great Harbour Cay Berry Islands, Harbour Island Eleuthera, Nassau, and both North and South BiminiPossibly Chris KnowlesStill in service April 2015 but for sale
LibertyM/VProbably either 1943, 1941, or 1946 thereafter, based on years they built other boatsEarl & Gerald Johnson of Harbour Island45Mail route Nassau – Spanish Wells & Eleuthera – appears to have traded Andros, Fresh Creek in southern Andros per Eddie Spurgur and photo
Liberty M Probably 1955 to 1965
Lisa J.M/VEllen Soby from 1960 to 1973, then Runden until1999Yes1960Marstal, DenmarkH. C. Christensen’s Staalskibvaerft347Steel116. another places says it was 123.427.758.6MaK diesel engine12Owned by North Andros Shipping Company LimitedServed the communities of Soby and Faaborg, Sejero and Havnsoe. From 1999 intended for the route from Naples Italy to Procida, in the Adriatic, sold to the North Andros Shipping Co. Ltd. sailed across the Atlantic in JulyAfter 2005 she was sold on to Honduran ownersThe route was from Nassau to North Andros, namely Nicholl’s Town, Mastic Point and Morgan’s Bluff, departing Wednesday evenings.Began its career shuttling school children and others between the islands of Denmark in the 1960s.
Lisa J. IIM/VSchokland1952Netherlands298 GRT143.524.5108.5Schokland from 1952 to 1985Bowleg and Adderley
Madam Elizabeth RolleM/V195470John Newton, Lowe Sound, AndrosAndros freight, unconfirmed mailJohn Newton
Mal JackM/V1983172 GRTJack Andrews of MalJack or Mal-Jack ConstructionTowed Freeport to Roatan 2006 –  in May 2006 sold to Mr. Murillo in HondurasKemp’s Bay, Long Bay Cays and the Bluff, South AndrosOn April 27, 2001 was grounded in Andros or “Hatchet Bay”.
Mangrove CayM/VReads as Mangrove Cay Express II in one article72Reverend Herbert KingAndros between roughly 1988 and 1995. Also served Mangrove Cay and Lisbon Creek Andros
MarcellaM/VMarcella INo1969Saint Augustine, FloridaWood90Nathaniel Bruce Taylor Mayaguana and nearby Andros from Nassau during a long career which lasted nearly 20 years. Served Freeport from roughly 1985 to 2007Nathaniel Bruce Taylor and his son Eddins Bruce TaylorBurnt in Salt Pond, Long Island in 1986Was a cargo boat.
Marcella IIM/VYes1956Busum, GermanyBusumer Schiffswerft298 GTSteel170 Nathaniel Bruce Taylor (purchased in 1987)Traded coastwise from Germany 1956-1980s when she served Freeport from NassauEddins TaylorBadly damaged in 1988 in a storm and became an artificial reef off Long IslandWas the first steel-hulled mail boat owned by black Bahamians
Marcella IIIM/VJadeNoJune 2, 1959Neue Jadewerft, Wilhelmshaven, Germany364 GT, 480 DWT1309.28.5Purchased by the Taylor family in Germany in 1981Sold to Haitian buyers in 2007. renamed Miss Eva, sold her to Bolivian interests c.2009 and motored south to that country, on the southeast coast of South America, where she is believed to be trading as the Michelda.Freeport from Nassau for many years, leaving Wednesdays at 4 pm. (2007-2009)Limas and Eddins TaylorHas been trading in Europe, the Bahamas and South America for 57 years under different names, and is believed to be still sailing today – in Bolivia
Margaret RoseS/V1951NassauWood45Sloop-rigged and had a Perkins diesel engineErnest Dean of Abaco c.1953Sandy Point & Mores Island Abaco & Bimini from NassauErnest Alexander DeanSold and replaced by the Clermont
Mary1866Acklins14AcklinsWilliam H. HannaThere have been 18 other boats with the same name
Mary JaneS/VNo185341WoodOwned by a Harbour Islander named John CleareIn the 1860s: carried the mail and passengers from Dunmore Town and Spanish Wells to Nassau. She held the mail, cargo and passenger route to Harbour Island, with stops in Spanish Wells, 1870 Dart replaced herBroken up in Nassau in 1900Was financed by a joint stock company, with half the funds raised in Nassau and the other half in Harbour Island
Mia DeanM/V146Believed to be the Dean family of Sandy Point, Great AbacoHas been serving southern Long Island, Cat Island, and including Clarence Town since about 1990Still operating in April 2014
Minnie GordonS/V1861Pictou, on the River John, Nova Scotia, Canada322Wood Bahamian Silvanus Bethel (from 23 March, 1865 to at least 1915)Peter CrerarThomas Archibald MacKenzie (pre-1870), Miligorm (Meligerm?) in 1882Listed in the 1870, 1880, 1890, 1900, 1910, and 1915 Mercantile Navy Lists
MirandaM/VGeulborg (1966 – 1977), Paradise Express (1996 – 1999), El Compa (1999 – 1999), Gilbert Sea (1999 – 2002)1966Delfzijl, NetherlandsGeulborg by Sander Gebroeders399 GTSteel176 Another palce says 76!!28.59.2Single Caterpillar engine, single shaft and single propeller.4509.5Nathaniel Bruce Taylor (purchased in 1977)Wagenborg Shipping in Netherlands, then after the Taylors from 1977 to 1996 the Cia Naviera Nautilus S De Rl, San Lorenzo of Honduras, then the Gilbert Shipping Corporation of San Lorenzo, Honduras.1996 the Taylors sold her to Haitian owners and renamed the Paradise Express until 1999, when a Honduran company purchased her, with the name El Compa. From 1999 she was known as the Gilbert Sea, owned by the Gilbert Shipping Corp. of San Lorenzo, Honduras.Traded from Miami to Turks & Caicos and Exumas as well as Long IslandRobert “Bob” Garroway from St. Vincent. Rolly Gray.In 2002 the ship was towed to sea 1.5 miles from Palm Beach Inlet and sunk as an artificial reef  after being impounded in the Miami River as a drug smuggling ship or lost off Hope Town on April 6th, 1975″.The name “Guelborg” is consistent with the narrative given by owner Capt. Eddins Bruce Taylor, who said she was built around 1966 in Holland and that her original name had the word “gold” in it.
Miss AndrosM/Vtwin screwLaunch was at Nichols Town North Andros c. 1972Andros140Andros, 1964Never passed survey in Nassau for service, broken up or rotted.
Miss Beverley1975, was serving Andros as a mailboat.
Miss BJM/VSambre, Jeleta1965Wirdum, NetherlandsApol A., Scheepswerf C.V., shipyard330 GTSteel15224.98.53359Between 1990 and 1999 was owned by Trans-Bahama Shipping Ltd., possibly also Mail & Ferry Services M.V.B.SServed European coastal ports and rivers from 1965 – 1973 under the ownership of Kamp’s Scheepvaart En Handelsmaatschappij, N.V., of Groningen, NetherlandsNassau to unknown Bahama Islands (as mailboat)After lying unclaimed for a time at Prince George Dock, the ship was deliberately scuttled off Nassau on 22 June 1999. a dive site off the coast of Atoll Cay NE of Nassau
Miss JuanitaM/VYes1944CLEVELAND OH, U.S.A.STADIUM BOAT WORKS298 GT (200 NT?)BahamasSouth Eleuthera Shipping CompanyIn the 1970s was listed as a mailboat in service in Bahamas and M/V Miss Juanita II was on the paperwork of the Ministry of Transport (citation below).Believed to have supplied produce ports like Hatchet Bay, Governor’s Harbour, Rock SoundNot known, but no longer trading in the late 1990Research/survey vessel
Miz Desa / Mia DesaM/VBefore 1973Nassau to Abaco ports of Marsh Harbour,Treasure Cay, Green Turtle Cay, Hope Town (as mailboat)Not known however no longer trading in since 2012 or so
Monarch of NassauM/V1930Cheshire, EnglandSold in 1951 to Carl SawyerPurchased by the Monarch Line, owned by Sir George RobertsCat Island in the 1930s and 40s, and is credited with taking Father Jerome Hawes, the Hermit of Cat Island, to his new home. In 1942 she was serving San Salvador when she rescued 30 officers and men from the Greek ship Cygnet, which had been torpedoed by the Italian submarine Enrico Tazzoli within sight of Dixon Hill Light.
Mountain KingS/VBefore 1926Port Howe, Cat IslandReverend James SmithWoodRev. James Smith of Port Howe, Cat IslandCat Island from Nassau up to end July 1926Elliston Bain & First Mate. Relief captain Napoleon RolleLost in a hurricane in 1926 off Little San Salvador because captains disagreed over seeking shelter from the storm
MSC BahamasM/V19984,107 GT, 5,183 DWTSteel33253.5Ireland (Cork)Believed to be shuttling cargo to/fro Bahamas for MSC since 1998 when built. Is the third MSC ship of this name since the 1991Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) ItalyShuttles containers from Freeport to Lauderdale & NassauMSC named as is dedicated to moving cargo from MSC’s huge hub in Freeport to and from Florida and Nassau.
MunamarSS1915Sparrow’s Point, Maryland aka Maryland Steel in Baltimore MDBethlehem Steel3,477 GRT, 7,500 tons displacement3704530Munson Steamship LineNassau and possibly other islands like Long Cay with international mailSold in the early 1930’s when traffic declined following the depression
MunargoSSNo1921New York Shipbuilding CorporationNew York Shipbuilding CorporationMunson Steamship LineServed Nassau and possibly other islands like Long Cay with international mailSold in 1938 due Great Depression. Converted to a troop carrier then a hospital ship for US Army
Nassau MoonglowM/VBefore 1973Believed to have been wooden72Spanish Wells Shipping Company, Spanish Wells EleutheraNot known, perhaps the fishing industry in the US Gulf or US East coastHarbour Island and Spanish Wells Eleuthera in March 1975Was a shrimper (fishing vessel) hull
Nassau PacketSailed a number of times during 1799 between Nassau and Charleston
NassauvianSSJ. W. Somerville1919 Pocomoke City, Maine, USA632 GT, 347 NT160.235.212.7400Allan Line, owned by Allan U. Johnson, Nassau, agents Albury & Co. Nassau and MiamiFrom at least 1923 connected Miami with Nassau on a regular run
Nay DeanM/V91WoodDean family of Sandy Point (Captain Ernest Alexander Dean)Northern Long Island since 1985Ernest Alexander Dean
New DayM/VSea Salvor from 1943 to 19721943Neponset Massachusetts, USAGeorge Lawley & Son388164Freedom Shipping Company of NassauBuilt as a landing craft for the US Navy, original name LCS(L) 120 – 130 Acklins and Crooked Island as a mailboatLicense up for renewal in 1973 so presumably continued trading into the mid-late 1970s.Cargo ship may have been a salvage tug before (from name)
New G.M/VNo2015486 GT, 145 NT, 587 DWTSteel178 Another place says 1554010′ (aft) to 6.6′ deep forward10.5PanamaThomas Hanna. Officially it is the Consolidated Marine Group located in the United Building, Soldier Road, NassauIt is a relief ship on other routes. Also serves the New G. serves North and South Cat Island, arriving in Nassau Monday, taking freight Tuesday, and leaving Wednesday evenings.Thomas (Tom) HannaStill in operationIt is a landing craft type Ro-Ro vessel
New NorthlandSS1926Newcastle upon TyneSwan Hunter & Wigham Richardson Ltd3445. 2,000 DWT3024717 (24.5′ depth)Fom Gulf of St. Lawrence ports and Newfoundland, Canada up to 1927 then from 1931 to 1934. Not sure if she returned to Canada after 1939, presumably. She was laid up for at least 2 years between southern deploymentsMiami-Nassau run 1927-1931, and then 1935-1939
Noel RobertsM/VBA 21943Symonette ShipyardsEarl & Gerald Johnson of Harbour I (brothers – built at least 4 other boats, inc LIBERTY)180 GT, 141 NTWood11523.311.3180Launch: Harbour Island in 1943.  – Government Dock in Dunmore TownNoel Roberts Limited, Nassau, N.P., Bahamas. Sir George William Kelly Roberts (purchased in 1943). Owned under the holding company Richard Campbell Limited of NassauBuilt for the Royal Navy in WWII1948 she is recorded by the Kingston Gleaner as having carried a load of lumber as far as Kingston Jamaica. In 1957 she was on the British mercantile marine lists, and was recorded as still trading in 1961Likely serviced Dunmore Town, Harbour Island, North EleutheraRecorded as still trading in 1961. The vessel’s final disposition is not known. According to Jeff Albury her remains lie in shallow water off Six Shilling Channel, between Rose Island and The Current.Served at least 18 years, as is listed in the 1957. named after George and Freda Roberts’ son Noel, who went on to represent Harbour Island in parliament between 1972 and 1977, and then from 1987 to 1997
NonesuchS/VNo1880Abaco21WoodHad two mastsFrom 1933 to its demise by 1940 owned by Mrs. Mary June Black, Mayaguana. From 1880 – 1900 owned by Mr. Benjamin W. Roberts of Abaco. From 1910 – 1915 owned by Mr. William Henry Edgecombe of Andros. From 1920 – 1933 owned by Mr. James R. C. Young of NassauBenjamin W. Roberts of AbacoSold to James R. C. Young of Nassau in 1920Carry freight and passengers between Nassau and Abrahams Bay and Pirates Well, MayaguanaEddins Bruce Taylor. Fed. Black, 1933 to 1940
North Cat Island Special80Bennet’s Harbour and other Cat Island ports from the mid-1980s to the 2000s.A new vessel named North Cat Island Special II (built 2001) which is believed to have taken over the route.
North GaspeM/V1938Lauzon, P.Q., CanadaDavie, George T. Shipbuilding & Repair, Ltd.8881803518Steel hull,  propellerFrom Gulf of St. Lawrence ports and Newfoundland, CanadaWest India Fruit & Steamship Company, Canada, part of Clarke SteamshipWest Palm Beach FL-Nassau run 1946-1948During WWII at least, Alphonse BéginSold to the Ministry of Tourism, Ecuador in 1972 – probably in the Galapagos, new name Iguana
North ShoreHMCS Lindsay (Royal Canadian Navy)1943Midlands Shipyards Limited, Ontario, rebuilt in the UK 1946368 DWT20333Four-cylinder triple-expansion engine2750Clarke Steamship Company (Canada)West Palm Beach FL-Nassau run 1946-1948Alphonse Bégin, who also served on the North Gaspe
OffshoreM/VA vessel or firm at the same time is listed as “Offshore Mail Services”Before 197376Twin-engine, twin-screwEleuthera Limited, Nassau NPNassau in March 1975 (as a mailboat)
Old HorseyeM/VPatricia K1930Berlin Albury at Dunmore Town, Harbour Island100 GT87165After 1940 John Percy Sweeting of Harbour IslandKelly’s Lumber Yard, and Allan H. Kelly named it for his daughter Patricia
Patricia K. (later Old Horseye)M/VPatricia K1930Dunmore Town, Harbour IslandT. Berlin Albury97 GTWood74196.6A mix of both sail and engine power. Powered by a “Jimmy 6.71 engine.”165British Percy SweetingOriginally owned by Kelly’s Lumber Yard, Kelly’s Limited, as it was commissioned by Allan H. Kelly and named after his daughter PatriciaPlied mostly between Nassau and Miami, also touching Abaco, Eleuthera.Percy Sweeting in 1956
Pelagic ExpressM/VTillBangladeshAnanda Shipyard & Slipways1,867 GT, 885 NT, 2,339 DWT26644201 MAN diesel230612SEACOR Island Lines, Fort Lauderdale, Florida,16 islands in the Bahamas plus Turks & Caicos
PelorisM/VNo1945Bimini56 GT, 42 NTWood58.519.58110William D. Weech, Jr., Bimini
PriscillaM/VYes1921Likely in Abaco or Harbour IslandSteel100Propelled by a 115-horsepower Fairbanks Morse diesel engine115 Abaco from 1923 to after 1932Archer. Son Bobby was the relief captain. Then Hartley RobertsAugust 1932 destroyed by a hurricaneRumored to have been a racing sail yacht
Richard CampbellM/V1937Nassau, New Providence, Bahamas89Wood – sailing sloop with an auxiliary motor85.616.38Single-masted sailing sloop with an auxiliary motorRichard Campbell, Limited, Nassau, N.P. (for G. W. K. Roberts Co. Nassau). Sir George William Kelly Roberts (purchased in 1937).Abaco and Miami from Nassau from 1937 to at least 1947RussellIn August 1932 the vessel was “blown ashore and destroyed” during a hurricane
RMS ConwaySSNo1846 (refit and re-engined in 1862)NorthfleetWilliam Pitcher895 GTWood2153516Two paddle wheels. Oscillating 2-cyl engines260West India Mail Company – dedicated to the West Indies mail service 1846-1867, or at least 1852-1867 wreckedNassau and Inagua with international mail from UK, Jamaica, USDestroyed in St. Thomas US Virgin Islands in October 1867, scrapped in 1870.
RMS DerwentSSNo1849794 GRTWoodPaddle wheel propulsion (steam)West India Mail Company – Dedicated to the West Indies mail service 1849-1852Nassau and Inagua with international mail from New York, UK, Jamaica, US, and Portugal
RMS EskSS1849232 GRTWooden hull, screw propeller propulsion (steam)West India Mail Company – Dedicated to the West Indies mail service 1849-1852 Nassau and Inagua with international mail from UK, Jamaica, US
SamanaM/V1940Austin Levy, owner of the Hatchet Bay plantations, an American from Bistrol Rhode Island who invested heavily in the Bahamas100Wood961796-cylinder Cooper-Bessemer diesel425Hatchet Bay, Eleuthera Ltd., Bahamas, presumably to export Bahamian produce to US.On October 22, 1942 the US Navy purchased SAMANA from Hatchet Bay Eleuthera, Ltd. Just 3 days later they placed the ship in service as the YAG-28″to transport cargo to outlying Caribbean bases.”  13 August 1945 she was struck from Navy register and sold back to the Bahamas c/o Mr. Mervin Ferguson in Miami on 25 March 1946. flagged outside of the US after WWII.Mail route Nassau – Spanish Wells & Eleuthera
San Salvador Express / Johnette WalkerM/VJohnette Walker, Innocent Express, Pack One1953Pascagoula, MississippiF. B. Walker & Sons, Hull # 146136 GT (also listed as 209 GT), 100 NTSteel111′ long (also listed as 106.2′)22.29.2Tug designBahamas (now Panama flag)Originally a US Gulf tug, then M/V San Salvador Express mailboat serving that island, then in 1975 the Johnette Walker (her original name), then sold as the Innocent Express and finally her present status as Panama-flagged Pack One.Sold to Panama as the Pack One, where she still tradesSan Salvador, southeastern Bahamas, as the San Salvador Express and by 1975 as the Johnette Walker.Roy Oral Lockhart from roughly 1972 to 1975.Still trading in Panama as M/V Pack One.  1979 law case alleging Johnette Walker was in the drug trade, pretending to be the M/V Superfly II of Panama
Sea Bird1898Acklins12AcklinsThomas Benjamin HannaThere has been one other with the same name: Sea Bird, schooner, 1897, Abaco, 17, James Edward Roberts, Hope Town, Abaco
Sea Express IIM/V2006St. Augustine, FloridaSt. Augustine Marine, Inc487 GT, 146 NT, 850 DWTSteel1923872 X 3412 Caterpillar engines144010PanamaSEACOR Island Lines, Fort Lauderdale, Florida16 islands in the Bahamas plus Turks & Caicos
Sea HaulerM/VNoSteel98Allan RussellCat Island between 1989 and 2011. Also served Smith’s Bay, Old Bight and New Bight, in south Cat IslandAllan RussellIn 2003 this vessel was involved in a fatal collision with the United Star
Sea Spirit II (ex-United Spirit)M/VRussel Portier (1999-Sept. 2007), United Spirit (Sep. 2007- Aug. 2008), then Sea Spirit Aug. 2008 – present1999Chauvin LouisianaRussell Portier Shipyard498 GT, 750 DWTSteelRo-Ro Company, Captain Thomas Hanna, Nassau BahamasAcklins, Long Cay and southern Long Island, leaving Nassau Tuesdays afternoonGrounded and abandoned off Long Island around 20112011: Hanna was chased by a number of creditors and removed his vessel from the Bahamas Maritime Authority Registry in December 2007, changing ownership from Carib-USA to Ro-Ro Company Ltd.
SealinkM/VNo2000273 GT, 350 DWTAluminium13749Daewoo engines18Bahamas Ferries, Potter’s Cay, Nassau, NP, BahamasNorth Eleuthera, Governor’s Harbour in central Eleuthera, Freeport, Andros, Exuma, Long Island and South AbacoStill in operation
SeawindM/VNo2003485 GT, 185 DWT14749Daewoo engines18Bahamas Ferries, Potter’s Cay, Nassau, NP, BahamasNorth Eleuthera, Governor’s Harbour in central Eleuthera, Freeport, Andros, Exuma, Long Island and South AbacoStill in operation
Sherice M.M/VNo126Emmett MunroeBimini since roughly 1995 and continues to operate today. Serves Salt Pond, Deadmans Cay and Seymours Long Island, departing Nassau on MondaysShawn Munro and co-captain is Emmett MunroeStiill operating in April 2014Is a motor freighter
South Andros ExpressM/VBefore 1975Nassau to South Andros during mid-1970s (as mailboat )AUTEC personnel started a FaceBook page
South Andros QueenM/VBefore 1975Nassau to South Andros during mid-1970s (as mailboat )
Spanish Rose IIM/VNo1977Spanish WellsWood75Brothers Captains Gurney Elon and Stephen PinderFerried frozen fish and produce and mail and passengers Spanish Wells-NassauBrothers Gurney Elon Pinder and Stephen PinderIn 1997, whilst en route between Nassau and Spanish Wells in daytime the vessel sankReplaced first Spanish Rose (from 1965), running frozen crawfish tails to Nassau so that they could be shipped to the US market in Florida
Stadt RotenburgM/V20039,528 GT, 12,864 DWTSteel483.575Antigua & BarbudaTropical Shipping, Miami Florida, as of 2015 a division of Saltchuk Resources of Seattle, WashingtonNassau, NP Bahamas from Florida
Staniel Cay ExpressF/V76Diesel motorRolly GrayExuma Cays, Staniel Cay in particular, and apparently the Abacos as well. 1970s to 1975Rolly GraySunk off the northeast coast of Abaco near Hope Town on the 6th of April 1975 per
Stede BonnetM/VRoyal Navy-issue: MM 194Yes4th June 1942 Nassau and Hog Island (Paradise Island)Symonette Shipyards225119Single diesel engine12 KnotsThey were launched in a ceremony by the Duke of Windsor. Intended for service in Singapore, which fell to the Japanese before they were commissionedArcher. Son Bobby was the relief captain. Lloyd Talmadge Albury of Man-O-War CayMotorized mail boat
Trans Cargo IIM/V1986SingaporeMickon Shipbuilder1,015 GRT, 1,400 DWTSteel19146Twin engines and twin propellers for redundant reliabilityBahamasNathaniel Bruce Taylor (purchased in 1998). Pirate’s Well Investments, which is part of the Taylor Corporation presently held by brothers Capt. Eddins Taylor, Mr. Elvin Taylor and Capt. Limos TaylorEgyptian ownersInitially the ship had contracts for the BEC but after they failed it was put to use carrying aggregate and sand from Freeport to Bimini, among other jobsDavid Hyde of Honduras
Transport ExpressM/VUAL Transporter, owned by Universal Africa LinesCaterpillar Inc.1,092 GT, 397 NT, 1,297 DWT208469PanamaParts of Africa with Universal Africa LinesSEACOR Island Lines, Fort Lauderdale, Florida16 islands in the Bahamas plus Turks & Caico
Treasure LadyM/VTar HeelYes1981Morgan City, LouisianScully Brothers Boat Builders320 GTSold to Bahamian operators in 1997Sold out of the Bahamas presumably to Honduras (2012)Between 1997 and 2012 served San Salvador and Rum Cay as a mailboat
Tropic ExpressM/V2011ChinaQingdaoSteel35012.5PanamaTropical Shipping, Miami Florida, as of 2015 a division of Saltchuk Resources of Seattle, WashingtonPalm Beach Florida to Nassau, BahamasDelivery skipper was  Ramil Infante
Tropic JadeM/V1978Steel27615.5St. VincentTropical Shipping, Miami Florida, as of 2015 a division of Saltchuk Resources of Seattle, WashingtonFlorida to Bahamas and Turks & Caicos
Tropic MistM/V1983Steel27615.5St. VincentTropical Shipping, Miami Florida, as of 2015 a division of Saltchuk Resources of Seattle, WashingtonFreeport, various Bahamas & Turks & Caicos islands from FloridaTony Powell
Tropic OpalM/V19791,651 GT, 2,334 DWTSteel26012Tropical Shipping, Miami Florida, as of 2015 a division of Saltchuk Resources of Seattle, WashingtonAbaco from FloridaChris Knowles
Tropic SunM/V19936,536 GT, 8,200 DWTSteel36315St. VincentTropical Shipping, Miami Florida, as of 2015 a division of Saltchuk Resources of Seattle, WashingtonNassau, NP, Bahamas from FloridaTony Powell
Tropical TraderM/V1950Turks & Caicos
United SpiritM/V
United StarM/VNo1996Chauvin, LouisianaBuilt either by Chauvin Shipbuilding or Portier Shipyard417 GT, 500 DWTSteel178. Another place it says 17036.5Hanna from launch to 2007Sold to Honduran interests and named the AJ Transport or the Coimar TransportBahamas on long-haul voyages to Mayaguana, Acklins, Crooked Island, Long Cay (Fortune Island), and InaguaIn 2003 was Rodney MillerIn August 3rd 2003 was in a severe collision with the Sea Hauler 14 miles south of EleutheraRo-Ro cargo vessel
VI NaisM/V2007Chauvin, LouisianaPortier Shipyard487 GT, 587 DWT190 Two Mitsubishi engines rated 927 hp at 1,400 rpm. The engines are rated Tier 3 with the US Environmental Protection Agency927PanamaThomas Hanna under either the Ro-Ro or Carib-USA brandsMMS Ship-management of Palm Beach and Ro-Ro Company of NassauNorth and South Cat Island, taking about 24 hours, and costing $60 each wayTom Hanna
WillaurieM/VWillmaryYes1966 – completed November 1966Hoogezand SW of Hoogezand, Netherlands199 GT, 376 DWT13825Single German 290 horsepower engine, single propeller2908.5W. B. Hart, Nassau, NP BahamasIn 1960s she was sold from Netherlands to the a firm named Antler Ltd. of London, UK used for coastal trades to ports like Goole, Charlestown, Hartlepool and FulhamIn 1980 her classification by Lloyds Register was withdrawn and her flag changed from UK to Nassau, where W. B. Hart owned herRum Cay, San Salvador, and Cat Island in the southeastern Bahamas, presumably from 1980 – 1988.Final skipper was Stuart CoveSank three times. The final sinking by dive operator Stuart Cove SE of Goulding Cay,  as a diving attraction the day after Christmas, 1988.
William SayleM/V1944Earl & Gerald Johnson of Harbour IslandWoodRoland T. SymonetteBelieved to have served Sir Roland T. Symonette’s large commercial interests in Nassau and beyond, but not known specifically to have carried the mails under subsidyNot known but no longer listed after 1940 as being registered in the BahamasNamed for the leader of the Eleutherian Adventurers who left Bermuda in the 1640s and landed at North Eleuthera
Windward ExpressM/V95Steel Windward Shipping Company (c.1998)Southern Bahamas (1995-2000). Nassau, Spring Point Acklins Island, Landrail Point Crooked Island, Long Cay / Fortune Island, Mayaguana, Inagua, southern Bahamas, Nassau – the voyage out taking about 23 hours.Leroy Ferguson
Yes SirM/VWood (probably)70 Out, or Family, Islands from Nassau from 1947
Zelma RoseM/V1947Abaco30Wood Edison HiggsCapsized in Fleeming/Fleming Channel, 40 miles east of Nassau at 2:50 am on June 1st 1952, killing 6 peopleMotor vessel

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