M/V Staniel Cay Express, served the Exuma Cays in the 1970s, wrecked Abaco Nov. 1975

MAILBOAT NAME: M/V Staniel Cay Express
PAST NAMES: none known
DIMENSIONS: 76′ long, designed as a fishing vessel (F/V), propelled by a diesel motor, # NP 1295
YEAR BUILT: not known 
BUILDER: not known
EARLY CAREER: presumably among the Bahamas and Exuma Cays
BAHAMAS CAREER: Exuma Cays, Staniel Cay in particular, and apparently the Abacos as well
CAPTAINS: Captain Rolly Gray
OWNERS: Captain Rolly Gray

FATE: sunk off the northeast coast of Abaco near Hope Town on the 6th of April 1975 per www.wrecksite.eu