M/V Bahama Daybreak III photo montage July 2014, March 2015

It is a privilege to chronicle one of my favorite mailboats, the Bahamas Daybreak III, informally known as simply the Bahamas Daybreak (same vessel in my April 14 2014 post was named with a III at the end). These photos were taken at Dunmore Town Harbour Island’s Government Dock (exterior) and Nassau’s Potter’s Cay in July 2014 and March 2015 respectively. You can tell I was elevated when I took the Briland photos – we were aboard the Bohengy fast ferry from Nassau.

Working cargo pallets with the ship’s derrick or crane. Notice the rigid lifeboat on top of the wheelhouse. 

Starboard side, looking forward, Potter’s Cay – note fresh paint, cleanliness, life ring.

A good view down the hatch and of the cargo crane at work discharging pallets.

A dining area between the galley and accomodation.
The bridge, with a large captain’s chair for Captain Sawyer or Capt. Ashok.

The accommodation corridor, looking aft.

The Galley from through a closed door.