M/V Island Trader, served North Eleuthera c.2006, licensed to Gerald Stuart

MAILBOAT NAME: M/V Island Trader
DIMENSIONS: 140 feet long, capable of carrying 29 passengers, Bahamas registry # 6635
YEAR BUILT: not known, estimated c.1980 
BUILDER: not known 
EARLY CAREER: served North Eleuthera c.2000 to c 2008
CAPTAINS: not known, possibly Capt. Gerald Stuart, Applicant for the vessel’s license in 2006
OWNERS: presumably Gerald Stuart and Gregory Stuart, both listed
FATE: not known
NOTES: What little information we have on this vessel is a notice in the Nassau “Tribune” of February 10, 2006, under the heading “Renewal boat License Family Island”, which says that the vessel is “Class A” and the applicant is “Stuart, Gerald, North Eleuthera” – more information would be much appreciated