U-588 under Victor Vogel Bermuda patrol March 1942

U-588          Vogel 2-Mar-1942 4 days

U-588 under Kapitänleutnant (later Korvettenkapitän) Victor Vogel dipped into the area northeast of Bermuda between the second and fifth of March, 1942 enroute to patrol the Jersey Shore between New York and Delaware. Between Bermuda and Cape Sable Canada the submarine sank the British ship Carperby of 4,890 tons, from convoy ON 66 on the 1st of March. The following day it entered the Bermuda area, turned southwest, then west on the third, and on the fourth turned northwest.

Off the US coast it attacked a ship believed to be the British steamer Consuelo, then sank the 6,676-ton Gulftrade near Atlantic City New Jersey on the 10th. Sailing for the 6thU-boat Flotilla from and to Lorient, the sub left on the 12th of February and returned so Saint Nazaire on the 27th of March 1942.

Victor Vogel was born in 1912 and was 29 at the time. His four patrols of 130 days were all aboard U-588, which was sunk with all hands on the 31st of July 1942 off Canada. Originally he had served in anti-submarine and mine-sweeping roles before joining U-boats in March of 1941. His career total of ships sunk or damaged was 9 ships for 44,623 tons.


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