U-432 under Heinz-Otto Schultze Bermuda patrol June 1942

U-432          Schultze       13-Jun-1942         5 days

Kapitänleutnant Heinz-Otto Schultze brought U-432 on its second patrol to the Bermuda region starting on the 13thof June, 1942. Entering the area to the north-northwest of the island, Schultze headed southeast until the 14th then turned eastwards. For the next four days U-432 patrolled in an east-northeast direction, leaving the region on the 17th of June without having struck any Allied ships on the sphere.
The patrol began with the 3rdU-boat Flotilla on the 30th of April in La Pallice France and eneded there on the 2nd of July. It began south of Nova Scotia, where she destroyed the US fishing vessel Foam of 324 tons on the 17th of May. U-432 then participated in the Padfinder group east of New York on the 21stof May, disbanding several days later.

On the 23rd of May Schultze encountered and sank the British steam ship Zurichmoor of 4,455 tons east of New York. While many of the Padfinder goup moved to the New York and Hatteras areas, Schultze went north to the Gulf of Maine, where she sank the British steam ship Liverpool Packet of 1,180 tons on the 31st. On the 3rdof June U-432 dispatched the fishing vessels Ben and Josephine of 102 tons and US-flag, and the Aeolus, of 41 tons, also American, off Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. By 9th of June U-432 overtook and sank the Norwegian motor ship Kronprinsen of 7,073 tons off Cape Sable. According to Wynn it is possible Schultze damaged another ship at the same time.

The submarine then moved south, where it dipped into the area north of Bermuda before making course east for Europe. Late in June U-432 received extra fuel from U-459 between Bermuda and the Azores.

Schultze was born in Kiel in 1915 and was part of the Crew of 1934. He joined U-boats early, in 1937 and commanded four of them: U-4, U-141, U-432, and U-849, for a total of 325 patrol days. His father Otto Schultze had sunk 52 ships of 129,540 tons with U-63 during World War I.

Overall the younger Schultze sank or damaged 22 ships of 83,657 tons, for which he was awarded the Knights Cross in July of 1942. He was killed when U-849 was sunk west of the Congo River estuary, West Africa, on 25 November, 1943. Heinz-Otto Schultze was 28 at the time.

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