U-202 under Hans-Heinz Linder Bermuda patrol April 1942

U-202          Linder 1-Apr-1942 10 days

U-202 under Kapitänleutnant (later Korvettenkapitän) Hans-Heinz Linder entered the area north of Bermuda on the first of April 1942, heading west and southwest by increments until the 6th. At that point the sub turned south, then east from the 7th to the 10thof April, when it exited the region. Sailing for the 1st U-boat Flotilla U-202 left on the first of March 1942 as part of the fourth wave of Operation Drumbeat boats aimed at Cape Hatteras and surrounding targets.

On the 22nd of March she encountered and sank the Athelviscount, a British ship of 8.882 tons northeast of Bermuda and some 700 miles southeast of Sable Island, Canada. Moving west the boat sank the British ship Loch Don of 5,249 tons roughly 500 miles north-northeast of Bermuda. On returning towards Europe after the sixth the submarine was refueled by the U-tanker U-A west of the Azores.

Linder was born in 1913 and turned 29 during this patrol. Part of the Crew of 1933, he served as on U-18 and U-96 under Lehmann-Willenbrock. In March 1941 he took command of U-202, on which he served for six patrols and 236 patrol days up to September 1942. His total tally was seven ships sunk, for 33,693 tons in aggregate, including the City of Birmingham near Bermuda. In late fall 1942 he moved ashore to naval staff duties, and he died on the 10thof September 1944 at age 31.

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