SV Sande reportedly attacked by U-boat 30 August 1942 off Bahamas, Cuba

            The Honduran Sande was sunk, allegedly by a submarine off Cuba, but remains just a foot note in the “Lloyd’s War Losses” for August 30, 1942. Sande is the “great mystery” of this research: 31 Aug. 1942. A 60-ton sailing ship, Honduras flag, sunk between Cuba and Bahamas, In Lloyds War Losses it is reported that the Sande was shelled and sunk by an unknown submarine on 30/31 Aug, 1942, but no U-boat claimed the sinking of this vessel. 21.22N, 76.00W enroute Puerto Rico to Cuba then Honduras. Location about 8 miles north of Gibara, Cuba and 40 miles SSW of Duncan Town Ragged Island, or 25+ miles south of Cayo Santo Domingo Bahamas.

Conclusion: Since no U-boat Italian or German was in position to sink the Sande where her owners reported her sunk when it was reported sunk, it can be assumed that this was an insurance scam capitalizing on the fear and uncertainty surrounding numerous attacks on Allied ships of all types at this time. This would also account for why the crew and officers never filed a report with authorities: they all survived, were complicit, and the claim was bogus.