M/V Windward Express, Capt. Leroy Ferguson, plied to Acklins, Long Cay / Fortune Island, & Crooked Island Bahamas 1990s

Photo showing the bow of the M/V Windward Express (left), along with M/V Deborah K. II, c.1995

Photo credit: Author’s photo/collection.

MAILBOAT NAME: M/V Windward Express
YEAR BUILT: not known
EARLY CAREER: Nassau, Spring Point Acklins Island, Landrail Point Crooked Island, Long Cay / Fortune Island, Mayaguana, Inagua, southern Bahamas, then back to Nassau – the voyage out taking about 23 hours.
CAPTAINS: Leroy Ferguson

FATE: not known – not in most ship indexes referenced
NOTES: Windward Express was owned, at least c.1998, by the Windward Shipping Company.
There must be many stories and anecdotes of this long-haul mailboat, however I’ve been thus unable to locate many of them. Reader input would be much appreciated in this, and other, instances.