M/V Mangrove Cay Express II at Potter’s Cay Dock, Nassau, c.1995

A wide-angle view of Potter’s Cay Dock, c.1995, from a historical fort on the eastern end. Clearly named are the M/V Mangrove Cay Express II, immediate left, and M/V Bahamas Daybreak III, right.

Photo source: Author’s photo/collection.

MAILBOAT NAME: M/V Mangrove Cay Express II
PAST NAMES: there appears to have been an original “Mangrove Cay Express” little is known – however in a government list of mailboats she shows an alias of M/V Rev. King however this cannot be verified – http://mtaintranet.weebly.com/uploads/1/5/6/6/15660628/mailboats.pdf
DIMENSIONS: 72 feet long, 38 passengers, Official # 706626, Nassau # NP 2715
YEAR BUILT: not known
EARLY CAREER: Nassau, Lisbon Creek, Andros, back to Nassau.
CAPTAINS: Rev. King was listed as the owner, may also have been one of the Captains
OWNERS: Rev. Herbert King, Mangrove Cay, Andros listed in the Feb. 10 “Tribune” listing
FATE: not known – not in most ship indexes referenced

NOTES: Fodors has her travelling this route since at least 1988, meaning the vessel has been on the route for some 25 years. Departs Wednesday nights or early Thursday mornings for a 5.5 hour trip to Andros.
Would appreciate help from the public with more information on this vessel.