80 motor vessels plying Bahamian waters in 1956, Mercantile Navy List (some carried mail)

MOTOR CARGO VESSELS in the Bahamas, 1956:

Name / Year Registered / Where, When Built / Material / Dimensions / Tons / HP / Owner/s

1.      M/V Air Pheasant, 1949, built Stamford CT 1942, wood, 107.1X18.2X10.2, 107net/149g, 240hp, West India Shipping Limited, Matthew Town, Inagua

2.      M/V Air Plover, 1948, Gloucester, NJ, 1942, wood, 107.1X18.2X10.2, 86net/126g, 240hp, West India Shipping Limited, Matthew Town, Inagua

3.      M/V Air Swift, cargo/passenger, VPWQ, 1950, Halesite, NY, 1943, 107.1X18.2X10.2, 107net/149g, 230hp, Air Swift Limited, Nassau

4.      M/V Aletes, 1947, Bath, Maine, 1938, steel, 162.5X26.4X14.6, 305n, 493g, 1200hp, Gulf Stream Shipping Company Limited, Nassau

5.      M/V Alice Mabel, 1927, Marsh Harbour Abaco 1923, wood, 60.4X21.3X7.8, 47n, 59g, 60hp, Richard Campbell Company Limited, Nassau (note: there was an M/V Richard Campbell plying to Abaco)

6.      M/V Aurora May, 1921, Bluff, North Eleuthera, 1921, wood, 30.4X11.8X3.8, 10n, 10g, 15hp, Alfred E. Dorsett, Eleuthera

7.      M/V Bailey Town, 1946, Bimini 1946, wood, 46.5X14X6.5, 31n, 34g, 140hp, Theodore R. Saunders, Bimini

8.      M/V Basil Blackett, tender, 1952, Nassau, 1937, wood, 51.5X15X7, 25n, 33g, 225hp, Mrs. Florence Brown, Nassau

9.      M/V Betty K., passenger, 1938, Harbour Island, 1938, wood, 90.3X23.8X10.5, 126n, 164g, 180hp, Betty K. Company Limited, Nassau

10.  M/V Betty K. II, cargo, 1954, USA, no date, steel, 158.5X23.2X11.5, 266n, 358g, 1600hp, Betty K. II Limited, Nassau

11.  M/V Betty Kethlene [sic?], cargo, 1954, Man-o-War Cay, Abaco, 1954, wood, 38.7X12.5X5.3, 18n, 20g, 53hp, Revy Fox, Nassau

12.  M/V Blue Ribbon, ex-White Fish, cargo, 1941, Nassau, 1941, wood, 66X16.5X7.5, 41n, 54g, 170bhp, Blue Ribbon Shipping Company Limited, Nassau

13.  M/V Carita, 1946, Camden, NJ, 1930, wood, 96.2X20X8.7, 99n, 146g, 400hp, Richard W. Sawyer, Nassau

14.  M/V Carlene Marie, ex-F.S. 106, cargo, 1947, Cambridge, MD, 1944, wood, 140.6X30.6X13.6, 259n, 472g, 1,000hp, Nassau Shipping Company Limited, Nassau

15.  M/V Cat Cay Trader, ex-Almeta, cargo, 1946, Abaco, 1946, wood, 71X16.5X6.3, 52n, 62g, 114hp, Cat Cay Realty Company Limited, Cat Cay, Bahamas (unsure if this refers to Cat Cay, Exumas?)

16.  M/V Cereus, tender, 1946, not known where built, 1942, wood, 64.9X16.5X6.7, 33n, 48g, 160 hp, Ms. Marion B. Carstairs, Whale Cay, Berry Islands

17.  M/V Church Bay, ex-Joyce Roberts, cargo, 1944, Abaco 1943, wood, 85.7X20X8.1, 77n, 100g, 150hp, Captain Roberts Limited, Nassau (this must be different from the Church Bay built as a 110’ minesweeper by R. T. Symonette Shipyards in Nassau c.1940, which later burned in 1973)

18.  M/V Coraline S., 1917, Nassau, 1915, wood, 36.8X12.3X4.6, 13n, 14g, 30hp, Symonette Shipyards Limited, Nassau (this is likely just an old shipyard workboat rather than inter-island trader, see M/V Douglas Alexander, M/V Ego, M/V Vergemere III, M/V Kenkora II, M/V Mary Read, and M/V L.C.T. 547, owned by the same shipyard).

19.  M/V Cotton Bay, ex-Harcourt Malcolm, cargo, VQBU, 1954, Alameda, CA, 1946, steel, 199.9X33.2X21.5, 508n, 998g, 1800hp, Three Bays Corporation Limited, Nassau (see M/V Winding Bay and M/V Maracas Bay, owned by the same corporation).

20.  M/V Decapoda, cargo, 1938, Abaco, 1929, wood, 43X15.6X5.5, 18n, 21g, 65hp, Samuel E. E. Russell, Simms, Long Island

21.  M/V Derek D., 1930, Nassau, 1929, wood, 41X12.5X7, 18n, 21g, 65hp, Aeneas C. McAdam, Nassau

22.  M/V Donald Roberts, cargo, 1944, Man-o-War Cay, Abaco, 1944, wood, 64X16.5X6.7, 37n, 47g, 60hp, Grand Bahama Shipping Company Limited, Nassau

23.  M/V Douglas Alexander, 1945, Fall River, MA, 1920, wood, 100.4X30.7X10.4, 241n, 355g, 500ihp, Symonette Shipyards Limited, Nassau (again this might have been for exclusive shipyard work – see M/V Coraline S., M/V Vergemere III, M/V Ego, L.C.T. 547, M/V Mary Read, and M/V Kenkora II, owned by the same shipyard).

24.  M/V Edna M. R., 1936, Marsh Harbour, Abaco, 1916, wood, 32.6X18.3X6.5, 30n, 32g, 53hp, William A. Weeks, Nassau

25.  M/V Ego, cargo, 1943, Abaco, 1943, wood, 52X14.8X6, 31n, 34g, 105bhp, Symonette Shipyards Limited, Nassau (see also M/V Douglas Alexander, M/V Coraline S., M/V Vergemere III, L.C.T. 547, M/V Mary Read, and M/V Kenkora II, owned by the same shipyard).

26.  M/V El-Hilda, 1942, Abaco, 1928, wood, 34X12.8X4.8, 9n, 10g, 65hp, James A. Brown, Brownsville, Grand Bahama (the designation is not given, whether a small cargo boat or yacht – not known).

27.  M/V Eleutherian Adventurer, cargo, 1944, Nassau, 1944, wood, 59X16.8X6.3, 41n, 54g, 80hp, Sawyer & Sons Limited, 324 Bay Street, Nassau

28.  M/V F. A. Marie, 1928, Georgetown, Cayman Islands, 1915, wood, 57.7X19.6X8, 57n, 59g, 40bhp, William D. Weech, Jr., Bimini (purpose, whether cargo, yacht etc. not provided).

29.  M/V Flying Fish, 1946, Port Clinton US, 1924, wood, 58.7X11.7X5.9, 24n, 29g, 280bhp, Clifton Curry, Green Turtle Cay, Abaco

30.  M/V Gary Roberts, cargo & passengers, 1956, Harbour Island, 1941, wood, 66X16.5X7.2, 50n, 59g, 100 hp, Edgar L. Rolle, Lowe Sounds, Andros

31.  M/V Halingdal, ex-Tortuguero, 1930, Marsh Harbour Abaco, 1930, wood, 42.2X12.8X6.4, 15n, 20g, 65hp, Richard A. Albury, Great Guana Cay, Abaco

32.  M/V Island Trader, ex-Venola, 1946, Andros, 1945, wood, 48X16.5X5.5, 30n, 33g, 40hp, Mrs. Ruth L. Baily, Nassau (the designation is not given, whether a small cargo boat or yacht – not known).

33.  M/V Inagua Ranger, ex-L.S.I. (L) 947, cargo, 1955, built in US, year not given, steel, 158.1X23.2X11.5, 251n, 346g, 540bhp, West India Transports, Limited, Matthew Town, Inagua (same as owned the “Air” series of mailboats)

34.  M/V Inagua Trader, cargo, 1953, Portland, OR, year not given, steel, 158.1X23.2X11.5, 254n, 350g, 540bhp, West India Transports, Limited, Matthew Town, Inagua (same as owned the “Air” series of mailboats)

35.  M/V Inez and John, ex-Joffre Jean, cargo, 1941, Marsh Harbour Abaco, wood, 48.5X13X7.5, 30n, 33g, 80 hp, Carl Gates, Green Turtle Cay, Abaco

36.  M/V Inflexible, 1932, Hope Town, Abaco, wood, 46.9X15.8X6.3, 19n, 22g, 24ihp, Harmon B. Roberts, Nassau

37.  M/V Iris Star II, cargo, 1943, Abaco, 1943, wood, 62X16.3X6.8, 48n, 60g, 100bhp, Rupert W. Roberts, Marsh Harbour, Abaco

38.  M/V Isle of June, cargo, 1926, Harbour Island, 1926, wood, 83.1X18.9X7, 85n, 102g, 150bhp, Maritime Shipping Company Limited, 10 East Street, Nassau

39.  M/V J. G. MacRallon, cargo, 1947, Orange, TX, 1943, steel, 156.3X27X12.8, 355n, 457g, 400hp, Lucayan Trasnports Limited, Nassau

40.  M/V Janet, cargo, 1955, Meteghan, Nova Scotia Canada, 1954, 56X16.6X8.1, 26n, 45g, 85hp, Mako Limited, Nassau

41.  M/V Jessmath, 1946, Dorchester, MA, 1940, wood, 36X11X3.5, 8n, 13g, 133bhp, Anglo-Bahamian Petroleum Company Limited, Nassau (this is likely a small supply boat or tanker, not a mailboat)

42.  M/V Joy G., ex-Suzette, cargo, 1956, Orillia, Ontario, Canada, 1942, wood, 107.4X18.1X7.3, 98n, 137g, 330hp, Sawyer & Sons Limited, 324 Bay Street, Nassau

43.  M/V Kay Jean, cargo, 1948, Buffalo, NY, 1944, steel, 100.2X31.9X5, 88n, 148g, 675, Bahamas Lumber Company Limited, Nassau (this was likely a lumber carrier, not a mailboat)

44.  M/V Kemah, 1942, Bimini, 1925, wood, 31X11.8X3.4, 7n, 8g, 65hp, Randal Saunders & Clifford Saunders, Bimini (the designation is not given, whether a small cargo boat or yacht).

45.  M/V Kenkora II, cargo, 1948, Bath, ME, 1930, steel, 162X26.4X14.6, 308n, 494g, 1200hp, Roland T. Symonette, Nassau (may have been the workhorse of shipyard, see M/V Coraline S., L.C.T. 547, M/V Mary Read, M/V Vergemere III and M/V Douglas Alexander).

46.  M/V Kethrona, 1929, Bimini, 1927 wood, 39.4X9.7X4, 6n, 7g, 50hp, Randal Saunders, Bimini

47.  M/V L.C.T. 544, ex-Uno, cargo, 1947, Camden, NJ, 1942, steel, 103X32.1X5.1, 125n, 149g, 675hp, Migrant Shipping Company Limited, Nassau (see sister ships L.C.T. 546 and L.C.T. 547)

48.  M/V L.C.T. 546, ex-L.C.T. Sam D., barge, 1952, US, 1945, steel, 115X32X5.6, 124n, 148g, 495hp, Migrant Shipping Company Limited, Nassau (see sister ships L.C.T. 545 and L.C.T. 547)

49.  M/V L.C.T. 547, barge, 1947, Tonawanda, NY, 1947, steel, 105X32X5.6, 128n, 148g, 675hp, Symonette Shipyards Limited, Nassau (see sister ships L.C.T. 544 and L.C.T. 546). For ships owned by the same yard see M/V Coraline S., M/V Ego, M/V Kenkora II, M/V Mary Read and M/V Douglas Alexander.

50.  M/V Lady Dundas, passenger & cargo, 1939, Harbour Island, 1939, wood, 82.7, 19.5, 9.3, 97n, 115g, 150hp, Harbour Island Steamship Company Limited, Harbour Island (though this was a motor vessel, not, strictly speaking, a steam ship). In 1964 the Lady Dundas is reported to have arrived from Cat Island, in the southern Bahamas, not Harbour Island to the north (source: Benedict Thielen, December 1964: http://www.jabezcorner.com/grand_bahama/golden1.htm)

51.  M/V M. L. 31, cargo, 1951, Jamaica, 1944, wood, 112X17.6X7, 95n, 129g, 100hp, Henry L. Roberts, Nassau (the M.L. designation may refer to mine layer, several of which were built in the Caribbean during WWII, just as the minesweepers MMS 194 and MMS 195 were built in Nassau c 1940 by Symonette Shipyards, and later became the M/V Stede Bonnet & M/V Church Bay.

52.  M/V Maracas Bay, cargo, 1956, Charleston, SC, 1943, steel, 196X34X7.2, 600n, 1029g, 2880hp, Three Bays Corporation Limited, Nassau (see also M/V Cotton Bay & M/V Winding Bay, owned by the same corporation).

53.  M/V Marsean, ex-Schwatka, cargo, VQCQ, 1939, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada, 1931, wood, 81.6X, 19X8.4, 83n, 91g, 8hp, Sea to Freeze Limited, Nassau (appears to be a seafood processing or freezing vessel – if 8 horsepower was her true power, it would not move much/fast).

54.  M/V Mary Ann Kate, ex-Bonnie G., cargo, 1955, Camden, NJ, 1925, wood, 71.2X13.9X6.9, 42n, 60g, 350hp, Hog Cays Development Company Limited, Nassau

55.  M/V Mary Read, ex-Blue Bird, cargo, 1952, builder, date not known, steel, 116X17.5X9.3, 107n, 144g, 320hp, Symonette Shipyards Limited, Nassau. See also the M/V Coraline S., M/V Douglas Alexander, L.C.T. 547, M/V Ego, and M/V Kenkora II, owned by the same shipyard.

56.  M/V Mayaguana Queen, 1952, Mayaguana 1951, wood, 56X19.4X7.5, 27n, 31g, 160hp, Louis Williamson, Pirates Well, Mayaguana

57.  M/V My Yonne, ex-Marvel, cargo, 1938, built in US, not known when, wood, 40X11.8X4.4, 11n, 15g, 40hp, Ricardo M. De Gregory, Nassau

58.  M/V New Plymouth, 1936, Green Turtle Cay, Abaco, 1932, wood, 37X13.5X5.7, 13n, 14g, 24hp, Charles R. Hodgkins & Richard Hodgkins, Green Turtle Cay Abaco (purpose not given).

59.  M/V Noel Roberts, cargo, 1943, Harbour Island, 1943, wood, 115X23.3X11.3, 141n, 169g, 180hp, Noel Roberts Limited, Nassau (both Noel Roberts, MP, LLB, and his son Noel were prominent politicians and businessmen in Nassau and Harbour Island). This boat plied Jamaica, Florida, etc.

60.  M/V Old Horseeye, ex-Patricia K., 1942, Harbour Island, 1930, wood, 74X19X6.6, 81n, 97g, 165hp, John P. Sweeting, Nassau (not designated whether cargo, passengers, or yacht).

61.  M/V Peloris, cargo, 1946, Bimini 1945, wood, 58.5X19.5X8, 42n, 56g, 110hp, William D. Weech, Bimini (Mr. Weech and his family owned a number of boats serving the islands).

62.  M/V Pieces of Eight, 1933, Harbour Island 1929, wood, 39X12.4X5.2, 13n, 16g, 40bhp, Harold L. Albury, Harbour Island (designation/purpose not given).

63.  M/V Pine Ridge, cargo, 1946, Riviera Beach, FL, 1946, wood, 32X10.5X2, 5n, 7g, 120hp, Abaco Lumber Company Limited, Pine Ridge, Grand Bahama (this was likely for the exclusive use of the lumber company as a supply vessel, not for the mail run).

64.  M/V Rosy Cliff, cargo, Nassau, 1942, Bimini, 1934, wood, 32X9.7X3.8, 8n, 9g, 60hp, Alaric W. U. Saunders, Bimini

65.  M/V San Cristobal, cargo, 1956, built in US, 1943, wood, 107.7X18.2X7.5, 91n, 126g, 440hp, Out Island Shipping Company Limited, Nassau

66.  M/V Signet, cargo, 1951, builder/date not known, rebuilt Rock Sound, Eleuthera, 1942, wood, 55X12X5.8, 32n, 37g, 75hp, Edgar R. Bain, Nassau

67.  M/V Stanba IV, 1941, Nassau, 1941, wood, 53X12X6, 18n, 21g, 133hp, Harold J. Lowe, Green Turtle Cay, Abaco

68.  M/V Standard J., 1924, Nassau, 1923, wood, 44.5X12.2X3.5, 31n, 35g, 86hp, Joseph H. Bethel, Nassau (designation/purpose not given).

69.  M/V Sylph, cargo, 1947, Neponset, MA, 1929, steel, 167X33.8X17.4, 332n, 597g, 900hp, Lucayan Shipping Company Limited, Nassau (with a draft of 17.4’ it would not have been easy for this ship to access most ports in the Bahamas – it might refer to the depth of hold instead).

70.  M/V Three Bays, 1942, Orillia, Ontario, Canada 1926, wood, 75.4X13.8X7, 33n, 54g, 180bhp, Henry H. N. Chipman, Nassau (designation/purpose not given).

71.  M/V Twice, 1935, West End, Grand Bahama, 1935, wood, 28X7.1X3, 4n, 4g, 18hp, Charles C. Pinder, Nassau (the purpose of this vessel not designated, it may have been too small for cargo).

72.  M/V Two Smiles, cargo, 1943, New York, 1926, wood, 78.9X14.4X6.7, 50n, 73g, 330bhp, Maritime Shipping Company Limited, Nassau

73.  M/V Vergemere III, ex-Centauras, 1930, Nassau, 1930, wood, 58X16.1X9, 41n, 56g, 220bhp, Symonette Shipyards Limited, Nassau (see also M/V Douglas Alexander, M/V Ego, M/V Vergemere III, M/V Kenkora II, M/V Coraline S., M/V Mary Read, and M/V L.C.T. 547, owned by the same shipyard).

74.  M/V William Glenn, cargo, 1946, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, 1946, wood, 100X24X10, 105n, 148g, 500hp, Old Colony Limited, Nassau

75.  M/V William Johnson, ex-Carnelian, cargo, 1947, Bath, ME, 1930, steel, 162.5X26.4X14.6, 305n, 493g, 1200, Southern Trading Company Limited, Nassau

76.  M/V Winding Bay, ex-George Gamblin, cargo, VPWH, 1954, Alameda, CA, 1946, steel, 197.7X33X21.3, 485n, 998g, 1800bhp, Three Bays Corporation Limited, Nassau (see also M/V Cotton Bay and M/V Maracas Bay, owned by the same corporation).

77.  M/V Wissama, ex-Zizi, cargo, 1945, Haiti, year not given, wood, 73.3X24X8.6, 103n, 114g, 115hp, Gary Roberts, Limited, Nassau

78.  M/V Wissanne, cargo, 1942, Inagua, 1940, wood, 37.3X12.3X5.3, 10n, 13g, 60hp, West India Steamships Limited, Nassau

79.  M/V Yvette Celida, 1956, Fort Lauderdale, FL, 1943, wood, 107.2X19.2X9.8, 94n, 158g, 270hp, United Seafoods Lessors Limited, Belize, British Honduras (this was likely a fish support vessel)

80.  M/V Zebediah, 1931, Grand Bahama, 1931, wood, 43.4X11.3X8, 18n, 22g, 80hp, Horatio Grant, West End, Grand Bahama (designation or purpose of this vessel was not given).