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U-Boats off Bermuda

U-boats off Bermuda

U-Boats off Bermuda This is the never-told story of over a thousand men and women who made it ashore to rescue in the remote British Colony of Bermuda after 80 Allied ships were sunk by 140 German submarines during World War II. Welcome to UBoats in, by author Eric T. Wiberg, whose book about […]

U-Boats in the Bahamas

U-Boats in the Bahamas

U-Boats in the Bahamas The untold story of over 250 men who made it ashore in the Bahamas from 130 Allied ships sunk by 112 German and Italian submarine patrols in and around the Bahamas in World War II. UBOATS IN THE BAHAMAS is the never-told story of 112 German & Italian submarines (U-Boats) which […]

M/T Norland sunk by U-108/Scholtz: all 48 men rescued by 10 ships, 1 plane, attacked by U-boats 3 times, aided by U-boats 3 times….

- by Eric Wiberg

M/T NORLAND, Attack & Survivors’ Narrative By Eric T. Wiberg, Esq., October, 2014 The Norwegian motor tanker Norland under attack by U-108 under Klaus Scholtz on the 20th of May, 1942. Photograph/s taken by U-108 crewmember Willi Wilke. Probably because the ship was afloat less than a year there are no other known images […]


Lectures & Radio Interviews 2004-5/2018 (41) CAMM (Council American Maritime Museums) Conf., Bermuda College, U-Boats Bermuda, 4.4.2018 Bermuda National Library, Hamilton, U-Boats off Bermuda, Survivor Stories, Schooners, 4.3.2018 US Merchant Marine Academy, Kings Point, NY, SS Potlatch vs. U-153, 2 Cadets rescued, 10.11.17 National Maritime Historical Society lecture, Montrose NY, U-Boat Trilogy, Cuba-Canada, 9.23.17 Barry […]


Books, Published & Pipelined 2009-2020 (20, in 25+ vols) U-Boats in New England: Riveting account of 94 Axis submarines attacking New England in WWII. Three groups of spies were inserted in Maine (2 men), the Hamptons (4) and Bay of Fundy (1). Thirty-Eight Allied ships of 200,000 tons were attacked, throwing 2,000 men and women […]

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For the first time, a book exposes an obscure theater of the Second World War in great detail and comprehensively, not just in terms of geography but also from the perspectives of both Allied and Axis participants. U-Boats off Bermuda provides details of specific U-Boat patrols and their commanders, as well as a general overview […]

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Danger lurked at every knot and fathom for sailors during World War II. German and Italian submarines stalked Allied ships, disrupting supply lines and troop transports. U-Boats in the Bahamas is a study of the naval conflicts in the waters around the Turks & Caicos and the Bahamas, where subs sank 130 Allied ships… Read […]