Books, Published & Pipelined
2009-2020 (20, in 25+ vols)

  1. U-Boats in New England: Riveting account of 94 Axis submarines attacking New England in WWII. Three groups of spies were inserted in Maine (2 men), the Hamptons (4) and Bay of Fundy (1). Thirty-Eight Allied ships of 200,000 tons were attacked, throwing 2,000 men and women into the sea, of whom 500 died and 650 were brought ashore in 16 New England ports or islands. (7.2018)
  2. U-Boats off Bermuda: Story of 142 German and Italian submarines which patrolled around Bermuda, sinking 80 Allied ships for the loss of two submarines. 1,224 Allied sailors, passengers landed Bermuda 1940-43 from ships, boats, planes. Details survival voyages, rescue, reception ashore. (‘17)
  3. U-Boats in Bahamas: First-telling of 112 German and Italian submarines who surrounded the Bahamas from Florida east to the Caribbean in WWII, sinking 130 Allied ships. Details fates of 300+ Allied sailors who washed ashore in the Bahamas, Turks & Caicos, where two are buried. The Duke & Duchess of Windsor, Red Cross, boat-racing heiress Marion Carstairs, locals all helped. (2016)
  4. Swan Sinks: Greek ship Cygnet was torpedoed in sight of San Salvador by Italian sub, WWII. 30 men taken Nassau, missed Ena K. to Miami with Sidney Poitier by few days, emigrated US. (2017)
  5. Mailboats of the Bahamas; 200 Vessels in 200 Years: First full coverage of polyglot fleet. (5.2018)
  6. Bahamas in WWII, Military Chronology: Every day, plane, convoy, escort, ship sunk, U-Boat. (2018)
  7. Drifting to the Duchess – Script: Marion Carstairs’ rescue of 50 US sailors from Potlatch WWII. (‘17)
  8. Drifting to the Duchess – Book: 220 pp done, 200 to go. 1,000+ new docs/images to add (11.2018)
  9. Åke Wiberg: Bahamas Wibergs: Oral history, genealogy, stories, 4 generations SWE-Bahamas. (‘17)
  10. Napoleon’s Battles: A Six-Year-Old’s Perspectives: Children’s book dictated by son, strategy. (2018)
  11. Round the World in the Wrong Season: Memoir of travel, sailing, heartbreak, adventure, coming-of-age. Narrator skippered 68’ wooden yacht Galapagos to New Zealand age 23-4, survived shark attack, storms, mutiny, desertion, for college lover. One year, 1st command, owner’s death. (‘09)
  12. Tanker Disasters: Master’s degree paper, places of refuge legislation for tankers, oil spills. (2005)
  13. Published Writing, 1976-2017: 100+ articles, prose, poems, journalism, travel, history. (2017)
  14. Juvenilia: Teen Books & Travel Writing: Four collections written in boarding school, college. (2010)
  15. History of Lyford Cay International School: Commissioned coffee-table history book. (2019)
  16. Voyage Logs, Travel Diaries, 1983-: 4 round-world travels, 110+ boats, 70+ country/islands. (10.18)
  17. Surviving St. George’s: Details grooming, abuse by faculty at boarding school, ages 16-17. (2019)
  18. History of (a Bahamas organization TBN): Commissioned coffee-table history book. (2020)
  19. Personal Diaries, 1983-: Three volumes from 57 journals, by personal, for son, medical, etc. (2019)
  20. Photo Albums: Four volumes of 45 family albums, 100 years, limited edition, to illus. books. (8.18)

Published Articles
1974-5/2018 (100, in 25+ pubs)

  1. Bahamas Handbook, 2018: WWI and the Bahamas: Defender Capt. Stephen Albert Dillett.
  2. Journal, Bah. Historical Soc., ‘17:  Struggle Towards Enforcing Justice: Slave Trade, Havana 1824-6.
  3. Bernews, 4.2018: UBoats Bermuda,
  4. PowerShips, Steamship Historical Society/America, 2018: U-Boats off New England 1942-1945.
  5. PenDragon, Lyford Cay Intl. Sch., 2017: A Humble Beginning, History, LCIS 1960s-early 1980s.
  6. PowerShips, Sept. 2016: History of Mail Boats of the Bahamas: 200 vessels over 200 years.
  7. (15) Nassau Tribune, Bah., March-July 2016: Weekend features on mailboats 1804 to 2016.
  8. Marine Technology, April, 2016 Society Naval Architects & Marine Engineers: History, Tractor Tugs.
  9. PenDragon, Lyford Cay International School, 2016; History of Horses in the Bahamas
  10. Journal, Bahamas Historical Society, 2016: SS Potlatch survivors’ voyage through Bahamas.
  11. (4) BerNews, 2015: U-Boats off Bermuda, articles on ships, subs, aviators, survivors.
  12. Oxford Today, Oxford University, UK, Aug. 2015: War in Paradise,
  13. PenDragon, Lyford Cay International School, 2015: Young Man & the Sea, Alumnus.
  14. PowerShips, Steamship Historical Society, Winter 2015: U-Boats in the Bahamas & Bermuda.
  15. Bahamas Handbook, 2015: Sir A. J. Adderley & the S/V Emma Tuttle, blockades & business.
  16. The Abaconian, Marsh Harbour, Bahamas, 2012: WWII U-Boats attack 3 ships off Abaco.
  17. Schooner Bay Mainsheet, Abaco, 2012: U-128’s attack v tanker O. A. Knudsen, Abaco.
  18. (3) Nassau Tribune, Nov. 2013, 1: U-Boats in Bahamas in WWII; a local witness and 2 graves.
  19. Bahamas Handbook, Nassau, 2011: U-Boats in the Bahamas in WWII.
  20. Journal of the Bahamas Historical Society, Nassau, 2010: U-Boats in the Bahamas in WWII.
  21. Property Owner’s Newsletter, Eleuthera Island Shores, 2007: advice to owners.
  22. (3) The Docket, Roger Williams Univ. School/Law, Bristol, 2003: loss of yacht Stiarna in 3 parts.
  23. Cruising World, Middletown, RI, Oct. 2000: A Deliver Skipper Sees His Lifetime in 16 Minutes.
  24. Newport This Week, RI, c.1998: a review of Riddle of the Sands by Erskine Childers.
  25. (2) What’s On, Bahamas, Nassau, 1995: 2-part series, yacht Stornoway’s trans-Pacific voyage.
  26. The Stylus, Boston College, Chestnut Hill, MA, 1993: log of Chebec’s trans-Atlantic voyage.
  27. (25) The Heights, Boston College, MA, 1990-1993, dozens of articles as a journalist.
  28. St. George’s School Bulletin, Newport, RI Summer, 1992: Log of yacht Chebec’s trans-Atlantic voyage.
  29. The Mancunian, Harris-Manchester College, Oxford Univ., 1992: Chebec trans-Atlantic voyage.
  30. The Bridge, Boston College, Chestnut Hill, MA, 1992: editorial on the L.A. riots.
  31. The Nassau Tribune, August 1992: arrival of Australian tall ship Young Endeavour in Nassau.
  32. The Nassau Tribune, August 1992: front-page of author and his brother in Hurricane Andrew.
  33. The Nassau Tribune, August, 1989: A summer under sail, yacht Tempo Marion-Bermuda Race.
  34. The Concord Review of History, 1989: Alexander the Great’s campaign to India, 327-325 BC.
  35. (5) The Dragon, creative writing anthology, St. George’s School, 1986-1989: poems, prose.
  36. (2) Red & White newspaper, St. George’s School, Newport, RI, 1986-1989: a pair of articles.
  37. (3) Poetry Fest anthologies, Governor’s Academy, 1987-1989: selection of poems read.
  38. (5) Outlook, anthology Eaglebrook School, Old Deerfield, MA, 1983-1986: poems and prose.
  39. (5) Lyford Cay School, Nassau Bahamas, 1974-1979: yearbooks, poetry & prose.


Articles, Reviews & Citations
2000-5/2018 (25)

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  25. Caribbean Boating / Newport Sailor, Newport RI/St. Thomas, USVI, biopic of sailing career, 2000


Film & Television
2015-5/2018 (7)

  1. BBC interviews by Producer Kate Crane (also of Nassau), re: Marion Carstairs, Potlatch, NYC 4.18
  2. Mailboat Voyage Bahamas, Helped TV crew of Hans Otto Film, Berlin
  3. Cooper’s Treasure, TV show, Ample Entertainment for Discovery Channel, filmed 12.17 West End, Grand Bahama,
  4. Drifting to the Duchess: certificate, NY Film Academy for script of Potlatch’s crew’s WWII, 12.17
  5. Providence Journal TV, 4-part 4th of July series, Historian recounts fateful mission, on lost USN flight crew sank UBoat
  6. Freightened, a documentary about the global shipping industry by European film makers. World Premier April 2016,
  7. Tore på Sporet, NRK2, Trondheim Norway aired to 1.2M views Dec. 26, 2015: discovery of sailor’s grave in Bahamas,


Articles Published Online
2013-5/2018 (5)

  1. 2016, 2016: USN YP-453 ex-Pleiades
  2., 2015: expedition to grave, OA Knudsen sailor, Abaco
  3., 2014, Grounding, Salvage of SC-1059 Bahamas WWII
  4., 2014: Potlatch v U-153
  5., 2013: Potlatch survivors landed Acklins Isl.