Swan Sinks

The human element of a relatively small incident like the loss of the relatively small, 3530-ton Cygnet, is both compelling and illustrative of the larger, global struggle.

U-Boats in the Bahamas

The untold story of over 250 men who made it ashore in the Bahamas from 130 Allied ships sunk by 112 German and Italian submarine patrols in and around the Bahamas in World War II.

U-Boats off Bermuda

This is the never-told story of over a thousand men and women who made it ashore to rescue in the remote British Colony of Bermuda after 80 Allied ships were sunk by 140 German submarines during World War II.

Tanker Disasters

An analysis of places of refuge legislation in the wake of Prestige, Erika and Castor oil tanker spills, as well as a study of the concept of rewarding seagoing salvors for environmental remediation and prevention.

Round the World in the Wrong Season

The book follows the narrator out of school and across the Pacific. At only 23 he has command of a 68-foot Burmese-teak ketch built in Scotland thrust upon him. The owner is on a voyage home to his death, and along the way they hire sailors twice the skipper's age.