Photo Essay Spring 2015 vs. Spring 2016: Wreck removal, crew, LADY TASHA, LADY D. – success!!

 A crewman aboard the Bahamas Daybreak – the hard working cadre who make the whole mailboat experience possible for business people, shippers, travelers and day trippers alike. LADY TASHA aka ABASTASHA which used to serve Andros in the 1970s, above as a derelict abandoned wreck mostly submerged and blocking traffic in northern sector of Potter’s […]

M/V AIR SWIFT heading to sea from Nassau Harbour c.1960s

My favorite mailboat image: the AIR SWIFT a former fast US Navy submarine chaser from WWII seting off from Nassau Harbor to promising new ports, laden with cargo, passengers and crew or all backgrounds, on a clear calm and sunny day. This is from David Gale of Abaco, author of BELOW ANOTHER SKY – A […]

M/V CAT ISLAND PRINCESS explosion off Andros 1969, rescued by AUTEC vessels

As said at the outset and maintained today, MailboatsBahamas is a cooperative blogspot, enriched with the contributions of readers. Last year Mr. Rod Fruendt let me know about a vessel I didn’t know about, the CAT ISLAND PRINCESS, about which I have not been able to learn much. Mr. Fruendt and his colleagues went to […]

M/V CARIBBEAN QUEEN built Nassau 1945, sank Cay Sal 1961

MAILBOAT NAME: M/V CARIBBEAN QUEENPAST NAMES: noneDIMENSIONS: over 120′ long, 335 gross registered ton cargo ship fitted with single diesel motor & prop, official # 176974CONSTRUCTION: wood – may have originally been a sailing vessel. YEAR BUILT:1945BUILDER: Symonette Shipyards, Nassau & Hog Island (Paradise Island) BahamasEARLY CAREER: traded between Florida, the Bahamas and Caribbean – not […]

M/V MISS ANDROS launching in Andros in 1970s by John Herbert

An American gentleman named John Herbert very kindly reached out to me this Fall to offer to share rare images of a mailboat I barely knew anything about – in fact I knew nothing about her, the MISS ANDROS. He has many images of her being built and launched in Andros. Here is a sampling. THANK […]

Mailboats in the art & the popular imagination in the Bahamas

Here are three painted images of the mailboat in the popular imagination in the Bahamas. 1 – Mailboat CAPTAIN MB MAURA, with black hull and yellow stripe, as seen in the arrivals hall at Nassau’s international airport (Lyndon L. Pindling Airport). 2 – Mailboat / fishing vessel / retail vegetable store LADY MARGUERITE, possibly a […]

MV LADY DUNDAS watercolor image from Mrs. Susan Roberts, daughter in law of the owner, Sir George Roberts

This is a photo of a rare original watercolor painting of the mailboat LADY DUNDAS built and owned by Sir George William Kelly Roberts of Harbour Island. It was kindly shared by Mrs. Susan Roberts, widow of Noel Roberts and daughter in law of Sir George, in March 2016. MAILBOAT NAME: M/V Lady Dundas PAST […]

M/V NOEL ROBERTS being launched in B&W photos in 1943/Harbour Island as well as a color painting

Very rare painting of the M/V NOEL ROBERTS shared graciously by the widow of her namesake, Mrs. Susan Roberts of the UK & Nassau. Because the images were all framed and due to time constraints and fear of damaging the originals, the author simply photographed the images through glass, with the result that quality is […]

M/V RICHARD CAMPBELL namesake, photos

Here is a photo of Mr. Richard Campbell Roberts, namesake of the mailboat which his father Sir George William Kelly Roberts of Eleuthera and Nassau, had built in 1937. Mr. Roberts very kindly met with the author as well as Mrs. Susan Roberts, his sister-in-law and wife of Noel, in March 2016. MAILBOAT NAME: M/V […]

Mailboats Article 15/Final for Tribune Spring/Summer 2016: Potters Cay Future

Mailboats Article 15/Final for Tribune Spring/Summer 2016: Potters Cay Future From looking at the press and applying other models, some basic truths seem to emerge about financing a sector like mailboats. As Captain Ernest Dean’s early experience shows, insurance is very important – and expensive – as boats catch fire and sink, and sometimes persons […]