SS Cherokee under Twiggs E. Brown sunk by U-87/Berger on 15 June 1942 off Cape Cod, loss of 86 lives.

U-Boats New England: Cherokee   SS Cherokee, showing the side where two torpedoes from U-87 struck her in June, 1941. Courtesy of the Rich Turnwald collection, Source:             The loss of the steamship Cherokee in convoy off Cape Cod is remarkable as the casualty with the most deaths of any loss in New England […]

SS Black Point sunk Point Judith RI last week of WWII vs. Germans by U-853 off Point Judith, Rhode Island May 5, 1945

U-Boats New England: Black Point   SS Black Point as the Fairmont, from the US Navy Historical Center Photograph #NH70454. Source:               The coal carrying steam ship Black Point was built at the New York Ship Building Corporation of Camden NJ in 1918 as the Fairmont for Coastwise Transportation Incorporated of Boston. The […]

MV Berganger, sunk by U-578/Rehwinkel 2 June 1942 SE of Block Island, 42 men 1 girl rescued various boats

U-Boats New England: Berganger     Source: Bjørn Milde’s postcard collection.               The Norwegian cargo ship Berganger was ordered in February 1931 for Westfal-Larsen and Company A/S of Bergen, Norway. She was built by the Netherlands Dock and Ship Building Company, or Nederlandsche Dok & Scheepsbouw Mij V o F in Amsterdam and […]

Tanker Atlantic States struck by torpedo from U-879/Manchen on 5 April 1945 off Cape Cod, towed Boston

U-Boats New England: Atlantic States     Atlantic States, US-flagged tanker. Source: The Mariner’s Museum, Newport News VA, The steam turbine-propelled tanker Atlantic States was built by the Sun Shipbuilding and Drydock Company of Chester, Pennsylvania in 1943. She was ordered in January 1941 and owned by the Atlantic Refining Company of Philadelphia, which […]

S/V Angelus, sailing barquentine sunk by U-161/Achilles off New England 19 May 1943; 8 of 10 crew froze

U-Boats of New England: The Angelus   The Angelus, showing her square-rigged masts up forward and the fore-and-aft rigged mast aft. Source:   The Angelus was a large sailing barkentine (bark or barque) built in France which was over 338 gross registered tons and sported three large masts and a bowsprit as long as most […]

Photo Essay Live Action Nassau by Ron Lightbourn: KCT, Sea Spirit II, Bahamas Daybreak, Grand Master

Here are 8 original photos by Nassau historian Ron Lightbourn, to whom I owe a debt of gratitude. Mr. Lightbourn appears to be be training his powerful camera from Eastern Road, the Montague Foreshore. The first two images are unusual in that they show the M/V KCT (2nd photo) towing or at least attached to […]

M/T Alexandra Hoegh sunk Jan. 1942 by U-130 under Ernst Kals

M/T Alexandra Hoegh       Motor Tanker Alexandra Hoegh under way. alexandrahoegh. Dame Siri Lawson of Warsailor’s source was Høegh & Co,’s fleet list, with their permission. The motorized tanker Alexandra Hoegh was built as yard # 258 in Gothenburg Sweden by Eriksberg Mekaniske Verkstad A/B in 1935. The ship was 8,248 gross […]

SS Alexander Macomb sunk by U-215 East of Boston straggling from convoy BX 27 3 July 1942

U-Boats New England: Alexander Macomb A drawing of the wreck of the Alexander Macomb on the seabed by salvor Roy V. Martin, from             The Liberty Ship Alexander Macomb displaced 14,245 long tons and weighed 7,179 gross tons. Built by Bethlehem Steel’s Fairfield Shipyard in Baltimore for the US Maritime Commission, the ship had […]

F/V Aeolus and F/V Ben and Josephine sunk by U-432 under Heinz-Otto Schultze, June 3, 1942 Gulf of Maine

U-Boats New England: Aeolus Ben and Josephine at her launch at Morse in Thomaston Maine in March 1941.              The fishing vessel Aeolus was 41 gross registered tons, a dragger with a schooner rig and auxiliary motor. Her captain and owner was John O. Johnson, an unlimited tonnage master. The vessel was built in 1922 […]

M/V EXUMA PRIDE, “unofficial” mailboat wrecked at Crab Cay, Georgetown Exuma in late 1990s’

Note this marks the discovery of a fascinating – if flawed “European” mailboat in the Bahamas fleet plying from Nassau to Georgetown Exuma in the 1978 – 1998 timeframe (roughly). Feedback welcome! MAILBOAT NAME: M/V EXUMA PRIDE, IMO # 5151775 PAST NAMES: M/V Hjelmeland Fjord, before 1949 known as LCG(M)192 1946 DIMENSIONS: 300 gross registered tons, […]