SS Nemanja of Yugoslavia sunk by U-84/Uphoff off Nova Scotia 7 April 1942; 13 KIA

Nemanja SS Nemanja under her previous name of Trojan Prince. Source: The steamship Nemanja was built in 1918 as the War Perch by Bertram and Sons of Sunderland, England. Ordered by the UK Shipping Controller for WWI, she had a colorful 24-year career with four names, including Trojan Prince for the Prince Line (Furness […]

M/S Molganger sunk by U-404 Bülow S of Nantucket, 9 men on rafts survive 48 days towards Azores

Moldanger Moldanger under way. Source: From Bjørn Milde’s postcard collection.             The Norwegian cargo motor ship Moldanger was completed in March 1933 by the Netherlands’ Shipbuilding Company, NV of Amsterdam. Her owners were A/S Westfal-Larsen & Co. of Bergen, Norway, to which the ship was home-ported. She was 6,827 gross tons and a single-deck […]

MS Mattawin sunk by U-553/Thurmann off Nantucket, all 71 survived; taken to Newport, Cape Cod, Halifax

MS Mattawin. Source: Andrey Nelogov, The 6,919-ton diesel-motored ship Mattawin was originally built as the Ediba at Harland and Wolff’s storied shipyard in Govan, Glasgow. Ediba is a rural hamlet northeast of Port Harcourt, Nigeria, and the ship’s owners, the Elder Dempster Lines Ltd. of Liverpool, traded to West Africa regularly and named many […]

SS Taborfjell, sunk by U-576/Heinicke off Cape Cod MA, British sub rescued 3 men, took to Canada

A photo of D/S Taborfjell from, from Arve Wiborg. The Norwegian steam ship Taborfjell was 1,339 gross tons and could carry 2,600 tons of dry cargo. She was built in Oslo Norway in 1938 by Nylands Mek. Verksted. Her owners in April 1942 were A/S Rudolf and managers were Olsen & Ugelstad of Oslo, […]

SS Skottland sunk off Nova Scotia by U-588/Vogel 17 May 1942, rescued by lobster boat OK Service IV

A painting of the SS Skottland made by Jan Goedhart of the Netherlands and shared with Dame Siri Lawson, web mistress of The 2,117-ton steam ship Skottland was built as the Dutch ship Stad Zwolle by Meyer and Company’s Scheepsbouw Mij NV (shipbuilders) of Zalt-Bommel, in the Amsterdam area of the Netherlands. Her original […]

MT Ranja sunk SE of Nantucket by U-71/Flachsenberg on March 17, 1942

M/T Ranja from the port bow, where most of the 3 torpedoes struck. From Dame Siri Holm Lawson’s superlative histories of Norwegian ships in WWII, Also from Mr. Bjørn Milde’s postcard collection. The Norwegian motor tanker Ranja had a colorful history and a sudden tragic end. Because all 34 men on board her perished when […]

MV Malayan Prince grazed by torpedo of U-432/Schultze 9 June 1942 off Canada

The Malayan Prince was an 8,593 ton motorized merchant ship built in Germany in March 1926 by Deutsche Werft AG, Betrieb Finkenwarder in Hamburg. Her owner at the time of attack off Canada was Furness Withy & Co. Ltd. of Liverpool, UK, and her homeport was London. At the time of attack Malayan Prince was […]

MV Lucille M sunk in Gulf of Maine by U-89/Lohmann July 25, 1942

The Lucille M. was a Canadian schooner of the “bluenose” type built in Mateghan, Digby County, Nova Scotia in 1918 and owned by Frederick W. Sutherland et. al. of Lockeport (or Yarmouth), NS (more likely by the Swim Brothers of Lockeport, NS). She was 75 feet long, 17.5 feet wide and had a draft of 9 […]

SS Margot, sunk by U-588/Vogel, men given uncorked rum bottles on a string, rescued

U-Boats New England: Margot SS Margot. Source: The Allen Collection, c/o The British steam ship Margot of 4,545 gross registered tons was built by Lithgows, Limited of Glasgow in December, 1926. Her owners in 1942 were Kaye, Son and Company Ltd. of London. During World War II she only sailed from New York Harbor […]

FV Lark, Boston fishing schooner, shelled by U-107/Simmermacher 13 July 1944 off NS Canada, all survived

U-Boats New England: Lark The fishing schooner Lark in Boston Harbor following its attack, which made national news. Source: Author’s collection.               The fishing schooner Lark was built in 1922 in Newcastle, Maine. It was 148 tons and owned by F. J. O’Hara Brothers Company of Boston, Massachusetts. This was a famous family with a dynasty […]