UBOATS IN THE BAHAMAS, the never-told story of 112 German & Italian submarines (U-Boats) which sank 130 Allied ships in World War II in the Bahamas area, where I grew up. Some 6,000 Allied sailors were thrown in the water, and about 300 of them washed ashore in Bahamas and Turks & Caicos, where they were met by locals, then Wallis Simpson, the Duchess of Windsor, head of the Red Cross in the British colony, as well as boat-racing oil heiress Marion “Joe” Carstairs…. I’ve already written most of two other books in the trilogy: UBoats off Bermuda and UBoats off New England. Stay tuned!

I’d really appreciate your visiting Amazon to buy or at least review the book – it would mean a tremendous amount to me, and I truly think that you, friends and family would enjoy the book. It doesn’t focus on steel on steel so much as the human interaction between sailors, the enemy & rescuers


Author, historian and researcher Eric T. Wiberg . Eric’s career since he began sailing professionally in 1989 has largely been in the maritime and recruiting sector. He grew up in the Bahamas as part of a large Swedish-American family with half a dozen lawyers. He attended boarding schools in western Massachusetts and Newport, RI, Read More...